5 Jul 2014 - 1:59am

Advantages of Purchasing YouTube Views

YouTube could be the hottest video-sharing site in the world, when you want your video to be seen, this really is certainly the spot to upload it to. Once you've published your movie, there are various strategies to encourage it. For example, you're able to discuss it along with your friends and enthusiasts on internet sites like Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, some YouTube consumers may choose to manage to get thier opinions up easily as a way to enable their video become much more common.
11 Sep 2013 - 10:17pm

Creating Fantastic Custom Indicators in Toronto

Then you must be detailed and express your-self in the best manner possible, if you desire to create a custom signal that's of unique quality and efficiency. In other words, you ought to make sure that you've included everything you may perhaps need and wish to have inside the custom warning of yours, so that the last outcome would be to your pleasing. since there are lots of great specialists who can help you out reach your goal if you're located somewhere in Toronto, then things can be quite easy and simple for you.
6 Sep 2013 - 1:49am

Useful solutions to relieve from migraines

Can a rose or even a Scottish shower 'heal' your migraines? Even though it sounds paradoxical, the reality is that in here is the case they can. So, if you prefer to learn about every one of these ways browse the following report. Since it includes a triple action the little rose that individuals all know and look like little daisy and belongs to the sounding sun plants should not be under-estimated. It's analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. Its use is linked to the reduction and treating migraine due to its content of an active substance named parthenolide.
17 May 2011 - 9:19pm
4 years ago
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Homepage w/o Navigation Bar

All -

I am looking for websites that do not display navigation (in the traditional sense) on the homepage. Yes, any link could be considered navigation but I am specifically looking for sites that lack navigation until the user is deeper within the site structure.

What are your thoughts on this presentation? Could this be a jarring or unexpected experience? 

Example 1: www.tumblr.com

25 Feb 2009 - 9:33pm
7 years ago
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Sabina S.

Software Websites: Box Shots?

Imagine you design Websites for software products. Your company's
products are compelling and well designed. What do you put on your
Website homepage? How do you fulfill your mission of distinguishing
your product suite when some of your products are similar?

To add more context, imagine you know that many of your customers
will download the software on the spot when they visit your site. A
few will order physical copies.

The defacto standard seems to be box shots -- thumbnail images of the
box the software comes in. Is that how you would approach the design?
Why? Why not?

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