12 Jan 2011 - 5:43am
Graham Sear

Incorporating persuasion, emotion and trust triggers on user journeys

Hi all,

Currently putting together some user journeys that incorporate emotional flow (positive and negative) and different triggers that can be put in place throughout the user journey to either combat negative ones or re-enforce positive ones; these will then go on to inform the PET strategy.

14 Oct 2010 - 1:48am
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[EVENT] Design for Conversion, 18th of November, New York City

I would like to invite you to Design for Conversion in New York the 18th of November.

Design for Conversion is an event that tries to bridge the disciplines of psychology, design and marketing. After 3 successful editions in Amsterdam and 1 in Cologne, the event will be held in New York City. (This event is an initiative by Chi Netherlands and endorsed by IxDA Netherlands)

6 Oct 2010 - 8:03am

[EVENT] Design for Conversion, 18th of November, New York City

As initiator of Design for Conversion I would like to invite you to our next event in New York the 18th of November.

25 Sep 2009 - 2:27am
6 years ago
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Arjan Haring

Input needed for courses in Design for Security

My first question on this platform. Well here it goes:

I am restructuring my Experience Design courses for 1st and 2nd year
bachelor students of Security Technology and I would really
appreciate your input. I've already renamed the course "Design for
Security", because it seems to convey the goal of the course

So I want to use methods en techniques from the design discipline to
create more secure/safe environments. Information security is not
what the program is focused on.

20 Aug 2009 - 12:52am
7 years ago
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Brian Mila

Persuasiveness of showing goals and rewards


I'm looking for examples or research that either proves or disproves
my theory that showing a person goals and the rewards persuades them
to reach those goals.

What I have is an application where a user will have predefined
goals, from 0-100%, and at certain milestones they get rewards. For
example they may get rewarded at the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
milestones. I'm thinking that showing all the milestones and their
rewards would be better than just showing the very next milestone
(and its reward) alone.

I'm really looking for any research or books that cite research done
on this.

10 Feb 2009 - 8:21am
Mona Patel

New Announcement: HFI PET Course Scheduled for May 6-9 in NYC

An Invitation to Register for “How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion,
and Trust (PET Design)”

HFI will be presenting its new course for Usability professionals on
Wednesday, May 6 – Friday, May 9, in NYC. The course explores the
next wave in Web site design – persuasive design – designing for
persuasion, emotion, and trust.

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