10 Jan 2011 - 6:27pm
5 years ago
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Shilpi Joshi

What is the difference between a User Experience Designer, Information Architect and Visual Designer?

On behalf of Bestica, we wish a rocking and creative 2011 to the Interaction Design community :)

Recently couple of our clients has been using UX Designer title for a Visual Designer role. So, our question is:

24 Aug 2010 - 7:39pm
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

IDSA's Human Interaction creates the Interaction Design "Archetype"

The above link is to a google doc (odd publishing platform if ya ask me).

The document outlines 3 levels of practice within the role of Interaction Designer as defined by the Human Interaction Community inside the Industrial Design Society of America, IDSA. 

2 Feb 2009 - 1:12am
7 years ago
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Marcus Coghlan

What do you think should be the 3 primary roles/objectives of an interaction designer?

Hi all,

I've been asked to update a job description for the purpose of
performance reviews, etc. over the coming year. I'd be interested in
hearing what you think the primary 3 roles of interaction designer
should be.

For a bit of context, the role sits in the IT projects team along
with project managers, business analysts and the in-house developers.
The organisation is small-medium but with multiple international
presences and would be best classed as a membership body / service

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks.


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