16 Jul 2009 - 1:50pm
Brent Rogers

New Interaction Designer Job at CISCO - San Francisco

Interaction Designer at CISCO (Flip Video) R849190
CISCO’s Flip Video group is looking for an Interaction Designer with
expertise in both desktop and web based software. The ideal candidate
will also have visual design expertise. Candidates with financial
services or medical instrumentation experience are encouraged to

Full Job Description

Contac Brent at breroger at cisco.com if interested

16 Jul 2009 - 11:52am
6 years ago
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Macrovision's "Rovi"

Looks like Macrovision decided there is real money to be made in the
licensed-UI department:


J. Eric "jet" Townsend -- designer, fabricator, hacker

design: www.allartburns.org; hacking: www.flatline.net; HF: KG6ZVQ
PGP: 0xD0D8C2E8 AC9B 0A23 C61A 1B4A 27C5 F799 A681 3C11 D0D8 C2E8

16 Jun 2009 - 6:44am
6 years ago
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Niklas Mortensen

Recommendations for icon-designers?

Currently working on a suite of web-apps (CMS, CRM, task- and
project-management etc). The UI is in large part going to be
white-labeled by the various clients and consequently the little
graphics that are going to be universally present will in large part
set the visual tone of the apps.

I've been searching the good ol' interweb for the above-mentioned
resources, but was wondering if anyone here has any good
recommendations for talented icon designers suited for this kind of

15 Jun 2009 - 8:16pm
6 years ago
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Palm Pre

So the Palm Pre came out recently but I have not seen the kind of buzz on
this list like we saw for the iPhone. I tried out a friend's device recently
and was really impressed. Notably, I think that the lack of background
processing and the ban on multiple apps running at once on the iPhone is its
Achilles heel. Pre does not have that limitation along with what looked to
be an elegant UI and a nice keyboard.

10 Jun 2009 - 9:09pm
6 years ago
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Advice on Grid for Visual Studio Developers?

Is anyone aware of a developer's reference on defining a layout grid
(or the atomic unit thereof) in Visual Studio? I've tried searching,
but am perhaps not using the right search terms.

I mentioned the need for all our UIs to be designed according to a
grid, and got some "deer in the headlights." And when I used 960
site as a means to convey my point, they got it... but responded with
"that's CSS - for web development.

martin vian

JOB: User Interface / Interaction Designer, Columbus, Ohio

User Interface / Interaction Designer in the Columbus area

We need another interaction designer to help shape user experience
for a high-volume B2B information site. We operate really big
database / search platforms for several well-known business
publishers, but this job is focused on our own flagship business
information site which averages about a million page views a day.

18 Jun 2008 - 9:22am
7 years ago
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Ami Rotter



From time to time I find myself struggling with writing very short
describing text labels and titles for our web application's UI.

Writing text labels and titles for the UI is much like writing road
signs, people go by them in very high speeds and you have a limited
amount of space.

I wanted to ask, how many of you work in companies who hire full time
copywriters? Part time?

Do you have a special UI copywriter adviser outsourced?

Or do you manage by yourselves and just advise anyone around you?



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