Karl Herler

Kim Goodwin - Each One, Teach One


We all have reason to be proud of the progress our profession has made in recent years. Awareness of (and demand for) interaction design is at an all-time high. We have better job opportunities and better salaries than ever before. Product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders are increasingly drawn to interaction design’s promise: more successful products and services, greater customer loyalty, and more efficient and effective processes.


Karl Herler

Dan Saffer - Attention Awareness for Interaction Designers 2009


Dan Saffer calls out the Interaction Design community for allowing distracting topics to consume our attention, and for paying too little attention to "moonwalking bears," the opportunities interaction designers can take advantage of in the near future.


About Dan Saffer

Dan Saffer is a principal at Kicker Studio, a product design consultancy. Every day, millions of people use the products he has designed.

Karl Herler

John Thackara - Designing for Business as Unusual


John Thackara shows the ways in which business as we know it are about to change for good, and then identifies how interaction designers can take these challenges on as design problems.


About John Thackara

Karl Herler

Robert Fabricant - Behavior is our Medium


Robert Fabricant talks about Interaction Design as a practice beyond just computing technology. He gives examples of Interaction Design as far back as ancient history, all the way to a humanitarian project underway today. He shows that Interaction Design's primary medium is behavior, extending far past the high technology world into the realm of human behavior and relationships.


About Robert Fabricant

Karl Herler

Luke Wroblewski - Parti and the Design Sandwich


In architecture, parti refers to the underlying concept of a building. Will it be a public structure that provides safety or a commercial building focused on customer up-selling?

1 Mar 2009 - 5:57pm

[EVENT] IxDA NYC – Tuesday March 10 – Interaction 09 Conference Recap

In early February, more than 450 interaction designers from around the world
converged in Vancouver to discuss, debate, and share a spectrum of topics
that are important to our community of practice. The Interaction 09 |
Vancouver conference featured three days of tactical workshops, smart
sessions filled with practical advice, and a fantastic collection of
inspirational keynotes.

Please join IxDA NYC as we recap this amazing conference experience during
an evening of short presentations and open discussion.

15 Jan 2009 - 4:47pm
Greg Petroff

Updates and News for interaction'09|vancouver

Hi Folks,

We are 21 days away from the conference and we are getting excited.
There is still room in all of the workshops but they are filling up
fast. We also are closing in on capacity so don't delay....sign up now!

A couple of announcements:

Genevieve Bell had to withdraw from the schedule for unforeseen
circumstances. Although we are sad that we have lost her talk we are
happy to announce that we will now be able to elevate Robert Fabricant's
highly anticipated talk, "Irrational Behavior" to a keynote.

16 Dec 2008 - 3:35pm
7 years ago
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Greg Petroff

Volunteers for interaction09|vancouver

Hi Community,

The conference team has tried hard to keep the cost of attending
Interaction'09|Vancouver as low as possible. We are aware that the cost
of the conference is still too high for some members of the community
who would like to attend. So we have come up with an idea to help you
and also help us with the conference. We need 30 volunteers to help us
out during the 4 days we are in Vancouver. If you are willing to lend us
8 hours of time to help run the conference over the 4 days we are
together we will give you a 50% discount.

2 Dec 2008 - 2:01pm
Greg Petroff

Interaction'09|vancouver Update!

Hi All,

We are 2 months away from Interaction'09|Vancouver. A couple of updates:

New this year will be the addition of a "Tangible Interaction Café". The team planning this environment has some surprises for all including a MS Surface Table. It will be a great opportunity for those of us attending to play hands on with emerging devices and meet each other.

If you are planning on going and have not signed up yet please do so soon. It will help the planning team with our final arrangements for the event. We have room for 600 this year (50% more space than last year).

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