28 Jan 2008 - 10:51pm
Jeremy Yuille

# JOB # Research Assistant # Melbourne, AU # ACID / RMIT University # casual (part time)

HI all,
The Loupe project is seeking a Research Assistant to assist with
project administration and coordination of reporting and field trials.

The role is a 0.5 casual position, starting immediately, located at
the Melbourne city campus of RMIT University.

The project is researching the visualisation of social software spaces
used for knowledge management, and is funded by the Australasian CRC
for Interaction Design -

As part of the ACID network, you'll be working w

22 Jan 2007 - 8:37pm
7 years ago
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Noemi Selisker

Tag Cloud Definition

We're including a tag cloud in a web tool we're building. I've done a
bit of tooling about the net to see what convention says about how a tag
cloud is best defined but still no real answer as it seems to vary from
place to place.

My understanding of a tag cloud is as follows:

-Holds the top x occurring tags occurring within the system (x being the
number of tags we want to be in out tag cloud).
-Is shown in alpha order or from most recurring to least recurring (but
this style to me doesn't seem to serve the aesthetic whimsy of using the
tag cloud in the first place.

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