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Hola a todos! Les cuento que escribí un pequeño post acerca de esta nueva iniciativa. Al vivir prácticamente lejos de los "grandes" centros de educación (grandes ciudades) y como estudiante muchas veces con pocas posibilidades de pagar grandes sumas de dinero para tomar un curso, me encontré con este proyecto más que interesante. Les dejo el post completo aquí y vemos cómo podemos aprovechar esta plataforma para proyectos en común quizas? Estoy en contacto con los organizadores, así que cualquier comentario, propuesta o simplemente una reacción es más que bienvenida!

14 Jun 2007 - 2:48am
9 years ago
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Manish Govind P...

IxDA job board: How Global?


All the placements on the IxDA group make me wonder if
its a call only for the local folks or the world is
finally flat and the call is global indeed ?

Considering the fact that UI Research & Design and the
work done, is perhaps similar or at par all over the
world, should this be the case? Baring VISA issues,
should you find the candidate suitable, what are the
constraints for a global hiring possibility?

Thanks and Regards
Manish govind Pillewar

23 Apr 2007 - 2:02pm
9 years ago
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Rob Nero

International Jobs

I have been watching the list for jobs lately, but I have not seen any
come through for countries other than the United States. Are there not
as many openings outside of the US? What is the feeling of the job
market abroad, versus in the US?

I am planning to relocate to Sweden/Denmark next year. Can you offer any
recommendations of companies, job opportunities, job listing sites?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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16 Mar 2005 - 4:19pm
11 years ago
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John Vaughan - ...

learning IxD in school AND Designing Globally

Anirudha said:
> I have written up a couple of papers on who an interaction
> designer is,
> and what should be the education of interaction designers.

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