16 Jan 2012 - 10:56am
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Pros and Cons of Lean UX

After numerous discussions with others about 'Lean UX' and 'Agile Development', I wanted to understand how / when / why to use Lean UX. My latest blog post goes into some detail about the Pros and Cons of going lean vs. sticking with a more traditional waterfall-based approach:


10 Jan 2012 - 5:45am
William Hudson

January Update - UX, UCD and IA Courses in London, Brussels and Texas


(Apologies if you receive this more than once.) 

January Update – Agile, UX, UCD and IA Training Courses in London, Brussels and Texas

7 Jan 2012 - 7:56pm
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[Job] GetComparisons is looking for a UX Designer

GetComparisons, is an ATL based start-up with one leg in San Fran.

So far they've been working with a designer who's in the UK but they're really looking for UX designer in Atlanta or San Francisco that they can work with. They're going through a pivot and the new product has a heavy mobile UX & visual component.

24 Dec 2011 - 3:55pm
2 years ago
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Undergraduate programs for HcI, HCC, and Informatics

After 4 years of education (2 year degree) focused heavily around aesthetic graphical design, and some time in the professional industry as an interface (ux) designer, I have decided to continue moving forward with further education. My passion for design interaction, mental cognition, and technology, leads me to believe that further education is the most logical step towards growing in these areas of focus–

22 Dec 2011 - 3:22am
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Join the Impromptu UX Get Together

Feel free to join the fun on Thursday, 29 from 5:30 PM to 10 PM at:

Copa D' Oro 
217 Broadway Street 
Santa Monica, CA 90401-2311
(310) 576-3030
Map: http://g.co/maps/dm4ve


6 ideas on how to improve your user driven site

All ideas presented here are revolving around logging in and registering on user driven sites. The ideas are combinations of getting the user more motivated, and lowering the technical thresholds. When the motivation is higher than the perceived thresholds ahead, you ask the user to log in (or register).

13 Dec 2011 - 7:30pm

Merry Christmas - From IxDA Singapore

To all my fellow IxD practitioners, friends and enthusiasts, here's a video wishing you a Merry Christmas!


We will continue to inform, educate, and define this industry. This is the future, my dear friends, and I am excited that we are all in it at such an exciting time. Send me, Kiat and everyone in IxDA Singapore topics that you hope for us to present on, and we shall have those put into action in 2012.



-Ng Chong Yang, Co-Leader IxDA Singapore.


9 Dec 2011 - 10:13am
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JOB! Freelance User Experience Expert

Smith Brothers Agency is an independent, highly creative and collaborative marketing company committed to delivering inspiring ideas for courageous CPG clients – those committed to driving dramatic business growth. We service our national clients from offices in Pittsburgh and San Francisco and look for team mates who are entrepreneurial in their work ethic – self-starters who “own” their areas of responsibility and execute flawlessly – even under aggressive timelines.

5 Dec 2011 - 6:30am
William Hudson

December Update - Spring 2012 Courses in Agile, UX, UCD and IA


December Update – Agile, UX, UCD and IA Training Courses in London and Brussels

22 Nov 2011 - 12:05am
3 years ago
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Online Card Sort PLUS architecture

Hi all! It's been a while since I've been active here. I'm jumping into the pool of online research tools. I'm looking for a tool that will allow card sort capability but also capture architecture suggestions. so, not just sorting shoes into flats and heels but also understanding the cognitive map of the larger site and how one might think about getting from a list of shoes to a list of purses and accessories, etc. 

Has anyone seen a tool like that? I've looked at websort.net and a few others, but they just allow categorization not architecture. 


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