16 Nov 2006 - 6:04pm
9 years ago
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Donna Maurer

Do these companies do user research or utesting?

I'm wondering if any of you know whether these web 2.0 poster children
do user research or usability testing (or, if they do it now, whether
they did before they became famous or bought):

- Flickr
- Threadless
- Youtube
- Digg
- Upcoming
- Lastfm
- Etsy

I know I could approach each of them, but I'm guessing some of you know
the answers...

Why do I want to know?

21 Mar 2005 - 1:08pm
11 years ago
18 replies
Angela Azzolino

testing navigation models

Looking for methods to test navigation models. With no time allotted
to testing in the schedule I'm looking for recommendations from the
community to test a navigation model designed for a non-transactional
information site with six user groups, one primary. What are some
non-html prototype fast and dirty methods out there?

**sorry for the double post folks

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