14 Apr 2010 - 10:44pm
6 years ago
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Fortune 500 User Experience ROI

I currently work for a Fortune 500 company as a User Experience Designer/Manager. I was brought in to help enhance the user experience of certain applications both web and desktop. My problem is not many people see the value of user experience. As with most public companies they only care about the bottom line. UX is looked as an expense and not an investment. I wanted to ask if anyone here had compelling data about what Fortune 500 companies are spending on UX and the return on investment they are seeing.

30 Mar 2010 - 8:41am
6 years ago
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Ahmed Bassel

Software development house & Usability!

What is your experience in applying usability practices with 3rd party software development house? 

Assuming you are the UX guru in a software development house, who do the development for other companies. How do you or can you apply the UCD methods and usability practices?

2 Feb 2010 - 3:28am
6 years ago
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The "magic place" between user research and design - tips & stories


There is a "magic place" that exists between user research
(speaking with your users & stakeholders), taking all that goodness
and designing the product with that in mind and speaking to it.

Often, user research can fall into a chasm because there is no up
front thought put into how it can translate into the design.

So what has worked well for you?

For example:
* How do you translate findings from user research into design?
* What do you plan for up front in your user research to help
communicate your design?
* What do you use to tell a story around and to the design?
* H

30 Oct 2009 - 6:25am
5 years ago
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Paul Bryan

Distinguishing between UCD, UX, and usability

A friend and sometimes client told me over lunch this week, "I think
of you as the usability guy." I didn't much care for this, because
I think of usability in terms of activities rather than an identity
to aspire to. It got me thinking about related terms, like "user
experience" (UX), and its cousin, user-centered design (UCD).

28 Apr 2009 - 12:25am
7 years ago
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Kelvin Dai

How do you pitch UCD process (or design thinking)?

Hi all, I am a graduate student at Stanford doing a course project for
a design consultancy startup.

Mark FelcanSmith

JOB: Information Architect - Chicago - Sears - Full-time

This full-time position is with Sears Holdings Online Business Unit
User Experience Group. Please submit your application at
and use the requisition ID: 64061BR to locate this position.


Job Title: Information Architect

Business: Sears Holdings Management Corporation

Location: Hoffman Estates and Downtown Chicago

Job Description:

Sears Holdings is seeking an experienced Information Architect to
join our User Experience Team.

10 Nov 2008 - 3:58pm
7 years ago
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Jared M. Spool

Where that ACD thing fits

So, I've spent much of the last month thinking about what Activity-
Centered Design (or ACD) might be and where it fits into other design
approaches. This long-winded email is an attempt to get these thoughts

Before I start, the last time we went around on this, there was a
sentiment of "Who cares what we call it? My clients/co-workers don't
care what it is, as long as I produce great designs.

7 Oct 2008 - 6:18am
7 years ago
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Joshua Porter

ACD/UCD Round Two

In an attempt to discover any real difference between ACD and UCD,
here's a concrete question:

Are there different methods/deliverables that we might label more of
an ACD practice or a UCD practice?

To determine this, we should look at what the primary object of the
method is.

5 Oct 2008 - 9:35pm
7 years ago
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why the hate-on User-centered Design? (was practice vs. discipline & roles vs. people

Lately a lot of senior folks seem to be railing on user-centered design.
Now, I thought UCD was the idea of putting the users in the center of the
design choices. To do that, you can do it with a bunch of methodologies, or
visit the users in their native habitat then keep them in mind later, or
invite them to pick up a pencil and draw you some interfaces somewhere along
the way. And none of these seem like a particularly bad practice when done
in context of what you are trying to accomplish.

23 Jun 2008 - 10:39pm
8 years ago
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Is UCD Really Broken?

I've been following the frequent allusions to Google, 37signals, Facebook,
et al (including Jared Spool's presentation) as evidence that UCD is somehow
broken with interest. There's no debating that these products have been
successful, but it is also worth considering that they are the exception,
not the rule.

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