17 Oct 2006 - 2:31am
9 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Yet Another iPod Birth Story

For those who can't get enough of Apple Lore...


Although I think this is probably not true:

"Given the device's parts, the iPod's final shape was obvious. All
the pieces sandwiched naturally together into a thin box about the
size of a pack of cards.

"Sometimes things are really clear from the materials they are made
from, and this was one of those times," said Rubinstein.

3 Feb 2006 - 9:59am
Dave Malouf

IPod ecosystem (NYTimes) - changes in all aspects of design

(registration/login required)

This NY Times article highlights the growing speed at which design and
implementation needs to occur in all aspects of product development,
especially when said product development is completely dependent on other
people's work.

The story is about iPod, but it could be about anything where someone is
taking advantage of someone else's success.

I think the mash-up phenomena needs to be cautious

31 Dec 2004 - 1:24am
11 years ago
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Jeff Howard

iPod Scroll Wheel

I've been watching my younger brother play with his iPod for the first
time and it's got me thinking about Apple's move from a mechanical
scroll wheel to a solid-state touch wheel on the 2nd generation iPod,
and wondering whether they needed to start with the mechanical scroll
wheel to "teach" people the concept of the circular movement? Or was it
more likely a matter of technology/price not being where they needed to
be to go with a solid-state touch wheel from the beginning?

Anyone know of any links to analysis or interviews that speak to that

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