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  • Are you a creative person who is always thinking of cool ways to leverage new technology into ideas?
7 Apr 2009 - 7:28am
jim muntone

JOB, Web Designer, Princeton, NJ, Dow Jones, Fulltime

Dow Jones is seeking a skilled Web/Interface Designer to collaborate
with team members to conceptualize and construct cohesive and
aesthetically pleasing user interface solutions. This designer will be
responsible for working closely with product managers, other designers,
and engineers to design the information flow and fit and finish for the
user experience. The ideal candidate will possess a high level of
creativity, a strong understanding or background in interface design,
and will work proactively to stay knowledgeable of current
implementation technologies and best practice solutions.

27 Mar 2009 - 1:54pm
Sachin Ghodke

IxDA, User Experience and Usability Websites

I am currently researching on a website with immense data and this
company being a corporate needs some good user interface that will
showcase this data, get more hits, have interactive elements, etc.
This software company has a 18 year history.

Can the IxDA community help me with a few things on IxD, UX and
(1) Websites that help me understand all the three things mentioned
(2) Website examples with good user experience.
(3) Website examples with bad user experience.

28 Apr 2005 - 4:16pm
11 years ago
2 replies
Wendy Fischer

guidelines for icon design/mobile devices

Are there any guidelines out there pertaining to the production of graphics/suggested color palettes, etc for icons on mobile phones?

I've looked and can't find anything. I've noticed that the Yahoo and MSN icons look specifically formatted and designed for the mobile browser - aka they look brighter and a little rougher around the edges as opposed to the normal Yahoo icons.

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