12 Mar 2009 - 8:26pm
5 years ago
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White text on dark background?

Hi everyone,

There's a debate in our team on whether we should use dark or white
background when displaying texts (say around 200 words).

Not considering the fonts, font size, and color contrast, I found
myself feel more comfortable to read texts on dark background for
longer period time on screen. Some posts I found on web (such as also state print
media and computer screen are different. Computer screen itself
outputs lights and thus white background can be blinding.

11 Mar 2009 - 8:43am
5 years ago
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Jen Giroux

UPA Website Usability Study Seeking Paid Participants

The Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA) is currently working to
re-design its website,, and expect that the new site
will be launched by the end of 2009.

We are conducting a usability study of our new design and are
currently looking for representative users between the ages of 18-65
to participate in the study.

Compensation for qualifying participants will be a $25 Amazon gift
certificate for a 30-60 minute, one-on-one interview session.

10 Mar 2009 - 5:50pm
5 years ago
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Marty DeAngelo

Standard font size

I know that there was a discussion on this list a while back, but I'd
love to get a more recent update as to what people feel is the best
'standard' font size for an average audience. We are currently in
a bit of a debate with a client about their 'standard' font size.

Their guidelines dictate using 14px Arial / 13px Verdana for content,
which we feel is too large. We feel that a 12px Arial / 11px Verdana
standard is more reasonable to most users (in essence, using the 75%
base font adjustment from the browser standards and then using ems
from that point forward).

18 Feb 2009 - 8:32pm

NH UPA - 10 Minute Talks - Wed Feb 25th

Please join us for the NH UPA February Meeting featuring a series of
10-minute talks by professionals at various companies in our area.
The 10-minute talk format is lively and engaging and keeps things
moving for the audience. Don't miss the opportunity to hear 5 great
speakers in one night!


5 Feb 2009 - 9:43am
5 years ago
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Virtual Smart Agents increase conversions?

This came up this morning while chatting with a content manager friend
of mine. She's installing one of those "virtual smart agent"
things on her customer's web site.

It's one of those little in-page chat windows that pops up and asks
if you'd like to talk to an agent and get help.

She says they "increase conversions 10%".

I think they're one of the more annoying, and misused bits of fluff
to appear in the past few years.

18 Jan 2009 - 10:26pm
5 years ago
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Juan Ruiz

usability testing equipment for mobile devices

Hello IxDA'rs

We are looking to purchase equipment for usability testing on mobile devices. I have done my research and there are 3 methods for this type of testing:

- Fixed device positioning: this setup is that the mobile device sits on a fix location with a webcam attached to the device via a metal neck or other type of support. The webcam points to the mobile device, recording the screen and the user's interaction with the device.

9 Jan 2009 - 6:01pm
5 years ago
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christine chastain

prevention, prediction and wellness

Hi all,

Happy new year!

Has anyone or is anyone working on or know anyone working in the prevention,
prediction and wellness space? If so, I'd like to connect.

Thanks much - Christine

6 Jan 2009 - 9:51am
5 years ago
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Kordian Piotr Klecha

Usability of accordions

No, I don't mean harmoshkas, but boxes with sliding parts, e.g.:

We are going to use such box on the main page (in the bottom of column - not
very important content there, but still) and just wondering about
interactions. Current proposition is:

1. Accordion auto-switches to the next part after every 5 seconds when mouse
pointer is outside the box.

2. OnMouseOver any part-title bar opens this part (with latency 200ms).


25 Dec 2008 - 11:34am
5 years ago
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"People are Used to it"

This phrase has become the mantra of amature interaction designers and of the electronic product industry in general. It is the road block in the way of new and better ways to control our systems. It even prevents logical enhancements to our otherwise well-designed products.

Take the new philips HDTVs. At least the one I have has put a lot of thought into their remote and UI. To set the colors it shows you a bunch of photos in split screen and asks you which looks best. It has a minimal amount of buttons on the remote.

23 Oct 2008 - 9:05am
2 years ago
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3 (not 6) Metrics for Managing UI Design

This is the follow up to the original post on metrics for managing UI design
(what we
finally chose to use based on feedback from IxDA members and team members):

I received some fantastic comments on that post and I want to thank everyone
taking the time to provide their input.

Best regards,

Russell Wilson
Vice President of Product Design, NetQoS

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