28 Sep 2009 - 7:15am
5 years ago
38 replies
Queen Catherine

Unusable things

OK - so we work in the world of digital. Here the affordance is a
perceived one. But what about our real lives?

Here's the thing - I want to start a list of unusable real life

1. Elevator buttons: when I press the wrong floor (which is quite the
frequent occasion in my uncaffienated state before 12pm) why can't I
"unpress" my mistake?

2. Toilet doors: why does one open in and the next out. Furthermore -
why wash your hands when you must touch germ-ridden door handles after
the fact? If there is ever a need to have automatic doors - here it


25 Sep 2009 - 2:27am
5 years ago
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Harikrishna VP

Usability in software products aimed for kids

Hello IXDA,

Can you share experiences, standards, guidelines or any sort of
literature which talks about attaining usability in software
products aimed for kids.

22 Sep 2009 - 2:18pm
6 years ago
11 replies
Sachin Ghodke

Shop or Buy?

What is the appropriate button to use on the product detail page when
the website navigation asks the user to either Shop or Buy?

Of course, can we get a little more interesting and personal? For
example: instead of Shop or Buy can we use buttons that say - 'Go
and Pamper' (for a gifts e-commerce website) or 'Educate Yourself'
(while buying education books) or 'Push Limits' (while e-shopping
for BASE jumping equipment).

21 Sep 2009 - 12:52pm
6 years ago
9 replies
Sachin Ghodke

E-commerce websites for mobile

What rules should one follow while designing e-commerce websites for
the mobile? I understand that usability on mobile is extremely
primitive and very difficult. In such a case what are the usability
rules and GUI guidelines one needs to adhere to?

As far as I know that using assisted technologies (Javascript, AJAX,
jQuery, Flash, Flex, etc) would make the experience even more
cumbersome and confusing only because the Mobile has not evolved.

16 Sep 2009 - 10:22pm
6 years ago
5 replies
Shuan Lo

Need tips on how to formalize usability activities in a big Internet business organization

Hi! I work in an e-commerce group. My department manager is interested
in building design research into our work processes from scratch.

21 Aug 2009 - 10:02am
5 years ago
3 replies
Sachin Ghodke

Product Configurator: This product customizer is basic and uses Flash as a technology to execute its goals.

Can you visit this link (
and let me know what your thoughts are on this customizer?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

19 Aug 2009 - 6:59pm
6 years ago
7 replies
Kim Burgess

Interface Prototyping and Usability Testing

I'm currently in the process of developing a touch based interface
for AV system control. When deployed, the interface will be operating
on proprietry touch input hardware however I'm looking into
technologies I can utilize during the development and user testing

Users involved in the testing are geographically distributed so I'm
looking for tools I can use to quickly push out interface concepts
for feedback.

29 Jul 2009 - 10:11pm
6 years ago
3 replies
Alan Ho

Aesthetics and Interaction/Usability

I'm doing some study on the relevancy on Aesthetics to HCI, mainly
how Aesthetics can help improve usability of software.

Does anyone has any knowledge or would like to express their views on

28 Jul 2009 - 5:25pm
6 years ago
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Gayatri N

Usability of Buttons versus Links for Navigation

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if using buttons or navigational elements that look
like buttons(for e.g BACK link) are intuitive?

Let me give you guys some context here:

I am working on designing a knowledge base interface where a user can
look for articles and click on a particular link to read that article.
In the article page on the top I had a "BACk" link that would take
the user to previous page/results page.

Based on some feedback I changed the "BACK" to look like a button.
I am not sure if buttons should only be used to submit data and not
for navigation?

20 Jul 2009 - 4:59pm
6 years ago
1 reply
Shima Kazerooni

International Usability Vendors?


We are looking for vendors to conduct international usability studies in the UK, France and Germany with in-country participants and moderators who speak the language.  Has anyone used a vendor and been happy with the service and results that they have received?  Please let me know about the name of the vendor and the contact information.

Thank you,

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