21 Oct 2009 - 7:27am
Nikhil paul

Static or dynamic behaviour modalities for Itsme OS

We recently opened a discussion on itsme website to discuss the
possibility of having a static or dynamic behaviour for the frame
panels in itsme OS (find the discussion here

16 Sep 2009 - 7:15pm
Jamie Peil

JOB: Wily | CA, Inc. - Fulltime - Sr. User Interface Designer - South San Francisco

We are seeking a qualified Senior User Interface Designer to join the
CA Wily Engineering team at our office in South San Francisco, CA.

This position will contribute to the future design of CA Wily’s APM
product. CA Wily APM combines sophisticated visualization with a rich
interactive user experience to create the market leading Application
Performance Management tool.

This is a critical position! Candidates must have significant
Interaction Design experience for complex commercial software
applications. IT Systems Management experience is a strong plus.

Please go to the CA, Inc.

29 Jul 2009 - 3:06am
7 years ago
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R. Groot

Do grid systems also apply to application interfaces?

Hi All,

I'm very interested in hearing your opinion/experience on the

For content sites a grid system can be used to give the page a clean
and consistent layout.

Do grid systems also work/exist for application interfaces?

My own opinion:
I think this does not work since application interfaces are not very
likely to be layed out in columns, but rather in functional spaces.

Hope to hear from you.

28 Jul 2009 - 5:25pm
7 years ago
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Gayatri N

Usability of Buttons versus Links for Navigation

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if using buttons or navigational elements that look
like buttons(for e.g BACK link) are intuitive?

Let me give you guys some context here:

I am working on designing a knowledge base interface where a user can
look for articles and click on a particular link to read that article.
In the article page on the top I had a "BACk" link that would take
the user to previous page/results page.

Based on some feedback I changed the "BACK" to look like a button.
I am not sure if buttons should only be used to submit data and not
for navigation?

7 Jul 2009 - 2:25am
7 years ago
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Michelle Lau

changing standards for multi touch, multi user interfaces?

i'm currently in a master's program in interactive media at london
college of communications. for my dissertation, i'm discussing the
implications multi touch, multi user interfaces would have on current
information architecture standards. for example, navigation for a
multi touch, multi user interface needs to be somewhat universal or
symmetric, something that is not taken into account by current IA

in your work experience has anyone seen other considerations for
multi touch interfaces that are not taken into account by current

thank you for your help!

6 Jul 2009 - 11:42am
7 years ago
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Jerome Ryckborst

Itching for haptic feedback

I'm just itching for haptic feedback. I read about mobile-phone screens that
have the capacity to simulate a clicking feel, so a flat screen pushes back
to mimic what your finger would feel if there were a mechanical button to

I'd like that, but on a much larger scale. I want something the size of a
desk that lets me drag objects between the flat and the upright part of my
workstation, and lets me feel the edges of things as I push them across my
desktop with my fingers.

16 Jun 2009 - 6:44am
7 years ago
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Niklas Mortensen

Recommendations for icon-designers?

Currently working on a suite of web-apps (CMS, CRM, task- and
project-management etc). The UI is in large part going to be
white-labeled by the various clients and consequently the little
graphics that are going to be universally present will in large part
set the visual tone of the apps.

I've been searching the good ol' interweb for the above-mentioned
resources, but was wondering if anyone here has any good
recommendations for talented icon designers suited for this kind of

15 Jun 2009 - 8:16pm
7 years ago
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Palm Pre

So the Palm Pre came out recently but I have not seen the kind of buzz on
this list like we saw for the iPhone. I tried out a friend's device recently
and was really impressed. Notably, I think that the lack of background
processing and the ban on multiple apps running at once on the iPhone is its
Achilles heel. Pre does not have that limitation along with what looked to
be an elegant UI and a nice keyboard.

25 Feb 2009 - 4:24pm
7 years ago
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Bas Hoppe

Looking for examples of Gui\'s for persons who never seen/used a computer. For example the GUI of the one laptop per child project

Hi All,

I've been ask to think about a GUI concept for users who have never
seen a computer before.

For the time being and inspiration I look for examples. Things like
the GUI of the "one laptop per child" project:

The things i sort of decided on, are:

- using a touch screen for direct interaction. Non direct interaction
using keyboard or mouse will steepen the learning curve.

- using color coded sections and working a lot with the concept of
spatial recognitition.

31 Jan 2009 - 8:37pm
Juhan Sonin

Job: Interface Designer, Boston, Involution Studios (Full time)

Interface Designer
Boston, MA
Involution Studios (
Full-time or contract

Do you want to design, code, and build beautiful, amazing services
and products...

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