Kate Ertmann: Ethnographic Animation

5 Apr 2012 - 1:47pm
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Have great research insights and are looking for a visual way to share them? Ethnographic animation is a business tool for your product, design or technology. Learn how animation can be leveraged as a key strategy in communicating human-centered research to decision makers, venture capitalists and customers.

Studies have shown that people have a heightened emotional response to animation, so it's proven to be effective at appealing to diverse consumers. Whether it’s shopper behavior, or a task-flow for a new user experience, breathe life into your research and give it a face – even create virtual prototypes for testing and validation. The UX research team can get end-users involved from the development stage and onwards by collecting their feedback using real-world parameters, such as gravity. Get a comparison breakdown of the advantages of using animation visualization versus video when explaining complex UX data and results, as well as Best Known Methods for the process itself.

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