Darren David, Nathan Moody - Designing Natural User Interfaces

10 May 2010 - 3:17pm
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Karl Herler


Natural user interfaces, or NUIs, are perfect for multi-touch and gestural interaction. How are they actually created? What hardware is available to support such interactions? How are they different from graphical user interfaces, or GUIs? Stimulant is one of the world's few interaction design and development agencies whose mission is focused on creating such experiences. From custom hardware to Microsoft Surface, Stimulant will talk about their process, deliverables, experiences, successes, and failures from working towards a more natural way to interact with computers and other devices.


About Darren David

Darren David and Nathan Moody are the founding principles of Stimulant, a San Francisco based boutique agency that conceives, designs, and develops digital experiences that inspire wonder for places, contexts, and devices where none usually exists. From multi-touch to mobile, from the biggest custom touchwalls to the smallest consumer devices, they focus on making beauty bulletproof and machines magical. Their most recent clients have included HP, McKesson, Microsoft, and General Motors.


Originally posted by Nasir Barday, 05.05.2009.

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