Dan Saffer - Attention Awareness for Interaction Designers 2009

10 May 2010 - 2:41pm
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Karl Herler


Dan Saffer calls out the Interaction Design community for allowing distracting topics to consume our attention, and for paying too little attention to "moonwalking bears," the opportunities interaction designers can take advantage of in the near future.


About Dan Saffer

Dan Saffer is a principal at Kicker Studio, a product design consultancy. Every day, millions of people use the products he has designed.

An international speaker and author, his latest book is Designing Gestural Interfaces (O'Reilly 2008) which has been called "an essential reference work for anyone looking to advance human-technology interactions beyond dials, knobs, keyboards, and mice."

He holds a masters of design in interaction design from Carnegie Mellon University. A thought leader in interaction design, his writings on design have appeared in BusinessWeek, Design IT! magazine, and many online publications, including his own site at http://www.odannyboy.com.


Originally posted by Nasir Barday, 31.03.2009.

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