Alok b. Nandi


Alok b. Nandi (Belgium)


Alok b. Nandi, born in Congo from Indian parents and raised in Za├»re, is now based in Brussels, where he has studied engineering, management and film (Licence en Philosophie et Lettres).  As a designer, creative director, design strategist, writer-director, he explores conflicting constraints in evolving and hybrid contexts, via his design label Architempo. He is dealing with storytelling in multiple media, space and technologies, from hi-tech interactive installations (Extrafiction framework, science museums) to lo-tech mise-en-scene (Cannes Film Festival exhibition, Jules Verne exhibition design, public space interventions). His previous professional experiences include Procter & Gamble as well as interactive creative director at Casterman (the publisher of Tintin a.o.) and groupe Flammarion, in Paris. Alok is a lecturer and invited professor, as well as regular speaker at international conferences (incl. TEDx). In parallel, he has launched Pecha Kucha Brussels and also initiated the Belgian presence of IxDA.