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The IxDA Board Blog helps the IxDA leadership to communicate with members and the world at large. It also helps the board create a transparent, open approach to its leadership, letting members know just what the board is doing to help the IxDA community.

Elizabeth Bacon

IxDA Infrastructure Initiative: Survey results

Hello IxDA Members,

This is an update from the IxDA Conan infrastructure team about the results of our recent online survey about which we conducted at the start of February. Firstly, thank you very much to the over 200 folks who responded! We really appreciate your time. Your inputs are guiding the scope of work definition for our next-generation system even as I type this message.

We have placed a summary document with all of the survey results online for anybody to review. It’s available at:

In particular, we confirmed how central the Discussion list is to our community, and this area is a top priority for our team to improve. We also appreciate the guidance provided in terms of prioritizing work on Local Groups/Event Calendar, General Resources and Member Profile/Social Networking features in that order for our new community platform.

Once again, we thank you for your participation and support of this initiative. We aim to serve many of the priority needs identified in these results. Hi-ho, onwards we go! And as always, just let me know if you have any questions about the survey or this initiative.

Liz Bacon
IxDA Vice-President

Elizabeth Bacon

Infrastructure Initiative update

Dear IxDA members,

I’m pleased to provide a progress report on the Infrastructure initiative. This project, for which I am the project manager, aims to significantly update the website, most particularly in the areas of local groups, an events calendar, member profiles and improved discussion tools.

In early December, this initiative was re-launched with a call for contributors from our community. Over 20 people responded to that call and were invited into IxDA’s Basecamp system where we conduct our internal business. In early January, we formally kicked-off the project with several Skype teleconferences where we introduced ourselves to each other and disseminated the goals & background of this initiative. Team members hail from Europe, India, Canada and the UK as well as the United States, and bring an awesome range of interests and skills to the table.

The project is pursuing a multi-phase plan, as follows: 1) Kick-off; 2) Definition; 3) Design & Validation; 4) Development. I have thrown down the gauntlet with a proposal that we achieve our first release by my birthday of June 6, 2009. We shall see! Any prayers on our behalf are appreciated. ;)

Presently, we’re in the early-middle of Phase 2. We have divided into two teams, one focusing on personas, scenarios & feature prioritization while the other is focusing on technical platform considerations. The former team is especially working to put together activities for the community to provide input; one will be for attendees of the upcoming Interaction’09 conference and another will be a survey that we will distribute to the Discuss list at large. The technology team is kicking the tires of Drupal, our leading CMS solution, and ensuring that we haven’t discounted alternative approaches or platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to voice them. Thanks for your attention and continued support of IxDA as we valiantly strive to improve our community’s experience!


Elizabeth Bacon

IxDA Infrastructure Initiative, re-launched

Dear IxDA Members,

As an IxDA Director, I’m pleased to be able to use our new Board Blog to publicly re-launch an initiative dedicated to delivering next-generation infrastructure for

If you’re an avid IxDA list reader, you may have seen mention of this infrastructure initiative over the past few months. Nasir Barday, another IxDA Director, and myself have been the core team, working with other Board members and several other leaders in our community. We were moving rather quickly towards finalizing the feature list and creating an RFP for development resources. However, some list discussion in November helped us realize that this important initiative should better reflect the spirit of IxDA’s commitment to openness, member contributions, and networked collaboration.

Therefore, I’m hereby issuing an open call for anybody who’d like to contribute to this initiative to join the team. We need energetic folks ready to contribute their time and skills to help with interaction design, visual design, and potentially web development work (likely using Drupal). We’re looking for a commitment of at least 3-5 hours per week for the next several months at least, plus a willingness to stick to project deadlines.

If you’re interested and available, please visit this interim page: and use the form send us your information. Make sure to select “Infrastructure/Technology” as your initiative of interest. We’ll give it a week to gather interested parties, and then I’ll invite everyone who replies to our working project area.

We intend to continue employing an organized team-based approach to ensure that our efforts are coordinated and moving in the same direction to improve in several key areas. The scope of the project is still very much open for discussion. Throughout the project, I will work to ensure that the IxDA community has visibility on our status and deliverables. We will also be defining some community-wide checkpoints to share and hopefully validate the outputs from this initiative before the new system is built.

Thanks for your attention, and please contact us before December 20th to get on board!

Best regards,

Janna DeVylder

Last call: Apply for the open IxDA Board positions!

When I first discovered IxDA several years ago, I knew early on that I
had found a professional home for myself. At first, that meant
knowing there was a group of people out there who shared my passion
for all things Interaction Design. Then lurking turned into planning
and attending IxDA local events. Then came the conference, and now the

Why mention this?

It was in my increased involvement that I realized the impact IxDA
affiliation was having not only on my own personal practice but also
on the community itself. It is in the gathering of those passionate
about IxD, be it online or in person, that we strengthen the IxDA
Network. We all have a stake in this, and there is a lot of room at
the table to bring good ideas to life.

So apply to the Board of Directors. Put your ideas on the table. We
need engaged leaders to foster this community. Is that you?

(Deadline is Monday, November 3rd by Midnight PST)

(And if you’re not ready to apply for the board, we still need you!
Contact me off list for other opportunities!)



Announcing the Interaction Design Association

Announcing the Interaction Design Association
16 Oct 2005 – 12:27pm
For Immediate Release

CONTACTS: IxDA Public Relations: info at

October 16, 2005 ::: The Interaction Design Group (IxDG)—which has served
the needs of the international community of practitioners, teachers, and
students of interaction design since 2003—has incorporated as a non-profit,
member- supported organization and has officially changed its name to the
Interaction Design Association (IxDA). IxDA is committed to fully addressing
the diverse needs of interaction design (IxD) professionals and the greater
IxD community. IxDA has formed its Board of Directors and elected its
officers. The Executive Committee, who will govern IxDA for the following
year, comprises Robert Reimann, President; David Heller, Vice President;
Greg Petroff, Treasurer; and Lada Gorlenko, Secretary.

Robert Reimann, President of IxDA and co-author of “About Face 2.0: The
Essentials of Interaction Design,” said that the leadership of IxDA “plan to
develop a first-class community of practice for our members, provide
excellent business and technical resources for interaction design
practitioners, and promote a greater understanding of interaction design and
its value to industry, academia, and the public at large.”

David Heller, co-founder of IxDG and Vice President of IxDA, said, “With the
current explosion of digital products and services, it is clear that the
design of behavior is an increasingly important discipline within the
greater design community. I’m looking forward to building our organization
in a manner that will bring greater credibility and formal recognition to
interaction design and interaction designers.”

“The art and science of interaction design have made enormous strides,” said
Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini, interaction design guru and member of the IxDA
Advisory Board. “It’s time that the perceptions of our employers and
potential employers catch up. With IxDA, we interaction design practitioners
finally have a powerful voice.”

About Interaction Design

Interaction design (IxD) is the professional discipline that defines the
behavior of interactive products and how products communicate their
functionality to the people who use them. Good interaction design makes
products ranging from computer software to microwave ovens to cars more
useful, usable, and desirable.

About the Interaction Design Association

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is a non-profit professional
organization whose focus is promoting both the field of interaction design
and the interests of an international community of practitioners, managers,
educators, and students of interaction design. IxDA’s goals are to

  • communicate the unique perspective that interaction design brings to both
    industry and the broader design community
  • promote awareness of the discipline, craft, and value of interaction
    design among business leaders, academia, consumers, and our colleagues
  • advance the discipline of interaction design by encouraging the adoption
    of innovative methods
  • encourage and recommend high standards of practice among interaction
    design professionals
  • help establish standards for academic programs in interaction design
  • develop an active, close-knit community of interaction design
    professionals worldwide

IxDA hosts IxD Discussion, a mailing list that provides an international
forum for the discussion of interaction design and currently has about 1800
subscribers worldwide. There are 800 subscribers to the IxDA Announcements
mailing list. Subscribers include practitioners, educators, and authors in
the field of interaction design, as well as students and others who are
interested in the discipline of interaction design.

For more information visit the Interaction Design Association at


Exciting Organizational Update

Hello All

We’re very pleased to report to you all the latest news from the Interaction
Design Group (IxDG).

Last weekend (June 17-19), a group of your peers met in Norwalk,
Connecticut, to discuss the future of IxDG. Specifically, we examined the
mission statement of the group and asked, “What’s next?”

Until now, IxDG has been a loosely structured group of people who are
passionate about interaction design (IxD). With this informal approach,
we’ve been able to sustain our vibrant IxD Discussion mailing list, launch
IxDG Face to Face (F2F) meetings around the world, and build an IxD Resource
Library. But this success has come on the backs of just a few hard-working
volunteers. We realized we had come about as far as possible in our present

And so, earlier this year, the Steering Committee invited list members to
apply to attend a retreat and address just these issues. A number of brave
souls volunteered their time and their money to spend the weekend in
Connecticut and examine the future of our group.

Our first accomplishment was a new, clear statement of purpose:

The purpose of the Interaction Design Group (IxDG) is to help improve the
human condition by enhancing the quality of the behavior of artifacts,
environments, and systems. To this end, it is the goal of IxDG to help
interaction design practitioners—whether they be user interface designers,
Web designers, user experience designers, information architects, industrial
designers, or others—grow and flourish professionally by

  • helping practitioners understand how the design of behavior fits into
    existing design and development processes
  • helping practitioners provide the highest possible value to stakeholders
    and users
  • fostering a vibrant community and facilitating knowledge exchange between
  • empowering and inspiring practitioners to discover, innovate, mentor, and
    evangelize the process, attributes, and results of interaction design

Next, we put on our designer hats and envisioned a wide range of initiatives
to support this purpose. In the coming months, we’ll be reaching out to you
to help us

  • improve and integrate our Resource Library and IxD Discussion
  • enhance our local F2F meetings and improve the connections between our
    local groups and our online community
  • make better use of our large, but largely untapped, pool of volunteers
  • make it easier to contribute to the Resource Library
  • show our strong support of the ideals of UXnet ( by
    coordinating our efforts with other user experience groups

Of course, this is only Phase I. Put twelve designers in a room, and you’ll
get some pretty ambitious ideas. Phases II and III look pretty cool!

So, what’s next? In the next few months, we’ll incorporate IxDG as a
non-profit entity, expand and restructure our leadership, and reach out to
all of you who would like to get involved in some way. We’ll keep you posted
along the way.

What do you think? Let us know either by replying to this email message or
by going to and sending us a message.

Thanks for your interest in IxDG.

The IxDG Steering Committee

Micah Alpern – eBay Inc.
Mauro Cavalletti – Organic
Lisa deBettencourt – Bose Corporation
Pabini Gabriel-Petit – Spirit Softworks
Lada Gorlenko – IBM
David Heller – IntraLinks
Kevin Narey – gedas (VW Group)
Greg Petroff – New York Stock Exchange
Frank Ramirez – Consultant: Yahoo &
Robert Reimann – Bose Corporation
Carrie Ritch – Fusion Productions
Dan Saffer – Adaptive Path
Josh Seiden – 36 Partners
Luke Wroblewski – LukeW Interface Designs & eBay Inc.

(Organization names are for purposes of identity only.)

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