Sketch Phone - Sketching for mobile, on paper, in context

4 Aug 2014 - 2:16pm
1 year ago
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For years I have been sketching mobile interfaces at scale. Drawing on templates or just scribbing screen-sized boxes onto my notepads before I pick up the pencil. And I liked to check them in context; in the hand, walking around, etc. But that meant lots of folding, or doing things like cutting out bits of paper and taping them to phones. 
Over time this evolved. I made little plywood phones and tablets with my bandsaw and router. After showing some of these off to people earlier this year, and much to my surprise not inspiring them to make their own but being offered to buy them, I decided to do better.
So, I asked with some guys I know about it. They make awesome products (of all sorts, from signs to wearable electronics) and they helped me pick better materials, came up with some great ideas, and made the 4ourth Mobile Sketch Phone. It's a machined plastic thing about the size of a handset, that you can stick a roll of 2-1/4" receipt paper in to sketch on. Scroll to simulate that, or to push it out the top and tear off the sketch to save it for later. 
Well, they helped me with the design and made me one, sort of. I have a halfway done prototype they made me, but to make the real one — with the whiteboard backing, and the magnets to hold it together and everything — I need to to order about 200 of them. So, I need to make sure you all like them first. 

Check out a couple images here:

If you like the idea, pre-order one. I am running this like the Touch Templates, which is to say like Kickstarter, but by myself. You can't buy one now, but you can send me money and if I get enough interest I will place the order. If not, in a reasonable timeframe, you all get your money back (minus whatever PayPal wants to keep, I am sure). 


There's only so much I can do without changing the cost (maybe a lot!), but feel free to discuss this. What is your clever idea for something I need to do with it, or add to it?

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