Workshop: Design Thinking Day @ EffectiveUI, Friday 8/15

28 Jul 2014 - 10:56pm
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Melissa Sepe

EffectiveUI, a user experience consultancy with offices in Denver, Rochester, and NYC, is hosting a day-long design thinking workshop in Manhattan on Friday, 8/15. Take the day and come practice your human-centered design skills with other current and aspiring UX'ers. This would also be a great learning experience for PMs, sales, marketing, engineers, or anyone else who works alongside UX practitioners. Registration:

The official lowdown:
"Have you ever wondered how to make products or software that really work for people? Is it taste, magic, having Jony Ive on staff? It turns out, anyone can become better at creating great experiences, using the process of Design Thinking. 

To give you a chance to learn Design Thinking, we've created an all-day class that is entirely hands-on. You'll be doing research, synthesizing your findings, then moving into rapid prototyping. These prototypes will be sketches, so don't worry, no coding experience or artistic skill necessary. Then you'll do quick user feedback loops to improve your designs. We'll give you tips on all of these along the way, and talk about how you can use this same basic process to tackle all sorts of problems.

This is a class for anyone who is curious about Design Thinking or human-centered design. 

Don't just take it from us, here's a quote from one of our students at the last class:
"The EffectiveUI staff and the experience were terrific! We reviewed the principles of design thinking and were then guided through a completely hands-on experience of the process. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, 'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.'" (Sarah H.)

Registration is now open for Design Thinking Day on Friday, Aug. 15 in NYC:"

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