Producing market leaders in their likeness: College contributions from entrepreneurs

16 Jul 2014 - 3:46pm
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Contributions to colleges are an important way of providing helpful capital to university students and to advance facilities to provide the best career start possible. ` Effective business people can help to develop the knowledge that was applied when they initially started their professional path by donating money to university organisations which need their support for their facilities, such as grants, brand-new infrastructure, and guest speaking positions. Listed below are 2 examples of entrepreneurs who have made sizeable contributions to universities to help young individuals to become leaders like themselves in their chosen fields of knowledge. Metropolitan State University of Denver welcomes $1.5 million donation Navin and Rita Dimond, a renowned hotelier power couple, just recently decided to provide $1.5 million over a five-year time frame to the Metropolitan State University of Denver. This substantial donation has been made to aid the establishment of the hotel management program, as well as to support the start of a hospitality Fellowship course. The sum is the largest gift given by one entity to the Metropolitan State University of Denver. As an alum of the university, Navin Dimond will certainly help to support people who cannot necessarily pay for to attend college to study hospitality, and his assistance will assist to develop leaders comparable to himself in the future. Navin Dimond is a successful business owner, being the founder and chief executive officer of Stonebridge a company situated in Arapahoe County in the USA which manages 42 hotels throughout the country. The entrepreneur commented that he hopes that the Fellowship program will be a revolutionary one that should motivate the university's launch of comparable projects to help in the establishment of students in the hospitality industry. Stephen Dattels donates $1.525 million to Western Law Stephen Dattels, a renowned executive in the mining sector, has donated a large amount of $1.525 million to the Western Law University to help support its mining related courses. The donation is among numerous that the businessman has provided over the past few years to the institution, from which he graduated in 1972. The funds will be utilized to aid the the Stephen Dattels January Term Fellowship in Mining Law in addition to the Stephen Dattels Visiting Pre-Eminent Speakers in Mining Law and Finance Series. The famous entrepreneur said that higher education is of the utmost importance, and that graduates require in their preparation to develop into exceptional business leaders and worldwide legal representatives in the mining industry later on in life.
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