Breakfast Event: How UX Leaders Can Impact Internet Freedom

17 Jun 2014 - 3:13pm
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Gillian Gus Andrews

Your expertise can help people worldwide stay safe while taking hold of freedom of speech!

Join the Open Internet Tools Project for breakfast on June 26
Find out how UX leaders are essential to the future of Internet freedom


Meet key leaders from the Internet freedom community at this breakfast event, and learn how you can play a valuable role in improving tools used by journalists, activists, and concerned citizens throughout the world to bypass or circumvent online censorship and surveillance. 

Who uses these privacy
& security tools?

LGBT communities use them to communicate safely and anonymously in areas where homosexuality is punishable by law. In Egypt, activists use them to avoid surveillance. In China, citizens use them to access censored content.   

Why is usability so critical? 
In these high-risk scenarios, poor usability discourages adoption of these tools, and may put users at risk. Most recently, for example, dozen of Ukrainian activists were drawn into an ambush which resulted in many of them being arrested; many are still missing. A few days before the ambush, activists had uninstalled secure voice chat apps because of a frustrating install process. As a result, their communications were easy for police to intercept. View story

Why are UX leaders needed to ensure free speech worldwide?
Usability problems are hindering spread, adoption, and proper use of these tools. But the community of software creators building these tools are often volunteers, and their teams are small. They lack the expertise or resources needed to make their software more usable.

Join us for this private breakfast and learn:

  • How the UX community can help empower thousands of individuals throughout the world to communicate safely and anonymously.
  • Current initiatives to improve usability in anti-surveillance and anti-censorship tools.
  • Case studies of the challenges users face in repressive regimes.

RSVP today!

The event will be hosted by leading organizations in the Internet freedom community.
The following are a sample of speakers.

Barbara Mack, Technical Project Manager, Benetech Human Rights Program
Mack will discuss the usability work she has done on Martus, a secure tool for documenting and reporting on human rights abuses.

Bryan Nunez, Technology Manager, Guardian Project
Nunez will discuss the perils of poor usability for journalists and activists at risk.

Gillian "Gus" Andrews, Program Associate, OpenITP
Gus will present a roadmap for collaborative, iterative usability research and design workshops across these projects. 

James Vasile, Director, OpenITP
Vasile will answer any questions about the Circumvention Tech community, and the Open Source community in general. 

In addition, several projects will be present showcasing their tools. 


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