Sum of the Parts Team at Autodesk welcomes JoAnna Cook and Hugh Melotsi

20 May 2014 - 10:43pm
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Innovation at scale: How Intuit & Autodesk Incubate Innovation from within big enterprise

Sign up soon. Seating is limited.

**Note: Non-Autodesk Employees must have a ticket to get through building security so please make sure to order a ticket if you would like to attend.

Great ideas come from different corners. Solving murky design problems often involves a crazy cocktail of people, talent, circumstance, data, and a good chunk of courage. At Autodesk we are inviting innovative people to talk candidly about the hard problems they’ve faced and how they have succeeded. We want to extend the invitation to others in San Francisco to be part of the conversation.

Please Join Us for food, drinks and conversation with the speakers and fellow attendees.


The Sum of the Parts Team at Autodesk welcomes:

Hugh Molotsi (Intuit) and JoAnna Cook (Autodesk)

Innovation at scale: How Intuit and Autodesk incubate innovation from within big enterprise.

Two talks followed by a "fishbowl" style panel discussion with the speakers and attendees






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