Client Oriented, Manager Oriented, User Oriented or Developer Oriented??

19 May 2014 - 7:30am
1 year ago
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Sort of a case study of my own, Much like Yellowstone might erupt inside the brain..

Designed an app which includes wall colors and wall fashions. With IMMENSE effort and research involving real users , case studies and prototyping etc. But however the feedback left the 20,000 year impending volcano in my brain to erupt.

  • First the manager changed the entire layout because it was too simple and "LOOKED EASY", to a complex jazzy one.
  • The developer added their bit to the manager's version as "too complex" dont make it, dont send this to the client "we'll die".
  • The client however liked the first bit of design "the research one" also the rest versions were like a garbage to him and changed it to a web like design since they've using much of web.
Here's my point: Are we really making things for ego satisfaction "I'm manager, I'm developer, I'm paying for it" rather than the end user satisfaction? Or is it the blistering Indian heat that's fading my knowledge.. Your thoughts guys? 


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