IxDA Toronto event: The Programmable World - Tuesday April 22, 2014

27 Mar 2014 - 8:58am
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We live with machines all around us. The fabric of our cities is made up of connected nodes that track weather, traffic, and commerce. These machines send us messages, tell us what to wear, show us entertainment, and monitor our behaviour. Our physical world is networked and made of code, and we usually don't even notice it. This is the programmable world, a world we now live in where everything is new media. We need new skills and perspectives to navigate this world and take charge of the infrastructure that we have built. Let's begin to discover how to program the world we want to see, or we're in danger of it programming us. 


Event Details

The event will include a talk by Matt Nish-Lapidus followed by an open discussion. 



Tuesday April 22, 2014

7 - 9 p.m.



Critical Mass

312 Adelaide St. W, 6th floor



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