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24 Mar 2014 - 6:05am
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Hello to all the IxD community of Florianopolis,
I am a recently graduated Ix designer, with a background in computer science and media production at the University of Bologna in Italy and the Media,Art and Technology departement at the University of California Santa Barbara https://www.mat.ucsb.edu/

I am currently collaborating with a studio in my town http://www.apparatieffimeri.com/en/ and another one Based in Amsterdam http://www.boompje.com/
until september 2014, mainly using cinema4D and touchdesigner.

I am looking for further internship or job opportunities, and I am highly motivated to have a work experience in Brasil, and especially in Florianopolis,
starting from october 2014.

I am an Italian mother tongue, proficient in spanish, english and with a basic knowledge of portuguese that I am willing to improve.
I'll leave a link to my linkedin profile and website,

waiting to hear from someone interested soon!



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