The Heart Mind Body Spirit Essentials

5 Mar 2014 - 8:27am
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Medicine which has a divine emphasis, is a prerequisite for effective healing and happiness. Our physical and mental health are a reflexion of our inner wellness. Taking good care of or re-establishing divine wellness is reached through the application of crucial metaphysical requisites and methodologies. The important characteristics of valuable mind body spirit work are said therein article . Being familiar with two crucial inner concepts will be critical in having positive results with mind body spirit work. Number 1, spiritual healing is the response of growing a unmediated connection with His Heavenly Father . Even those of us who have had no divine connection before, or have a rejection towards the idea of God can access divine direction. The doorway is revealed to you by truly wishing to have an inner loving mind set towards all and proving this with our conducts , because God is Love. Second , the quality and depth of your relationship is determined by the natural law of cause and consequence. Known in Christianity as "that which we do to others is done to us". This rule is truthful of your words and conducts, but also true of our own secret wishes that include our thoughts and fantasies. When karma comes bouncing back, the exact circumstances do not need to match . However, the way we turn out feeling would be a definative complement to the past ways of acting. Living in a Western society, it's likely that our lifestyle combats with our spiritual needs. Our soul longs for us to be in equilibrium , to contribute to the global community as much as we consume . However in lots of " polite" cultures, the norm is to take much more than one personally contributes . The first warning sign of this instability is our emotional state. Any uncomfortable emotion is definitely the signal that we are, or have had non-loving motives . Most of us have learned to void our emotional state. We have learned to avoid feeling our inner discomfort . We busy ourselves from it with hustle and bustle or drama. We sedate ourselves with full bodied foods , drink , drugs or medications . Or we just simply squeeze our emotions deep inside. Regardless of each strategy , even if we successfully no longer feel them, they are alive in us. The only authentic way to deal with our emotions would be to let them flow. A true release of inner irritations arrives all on its own, when we can be with the feeling inside of us, without letting it characterize us. A true release takes place with toleration. Trying to learn to process our emotions in such way, may take yrs of inner work , but once attained produces liberty and opens the doorway for unmediated inner guidance . When our first signal of inner tension is ignored, then stress and anxiety begins to build . If we do not allow our emotions to flow whenever they are taken form , then worked up energy begins to eat away at us from the inside. It starts to hue our awareness of things. We are apt to see more disturbances then results. Our mind becomes poisoned with dark notions about others, ourselves or just anything. We are rapidly overwhelmed or disquieted . Left unchecked , our body will also be troubled by our inner agitation . At first the disturbance will affect the operation one's typical harmonious system. We may have upset stomach, bloating or a unquiet gut . We may have a anxious bladder. Our spine and joints may commence aching . Slumber habits become upset and the disease fighting capability is subverted. We become prone to illnesses and have stinkin' concentration. If the spiritual disturbance is left unbridled further, then that body acquires morphologic maladies . These are the diseases that current medicine can modify most really well, as they are noticeable on to the eye or to a diagnostic test. Arteries become blocked . Joints age quickly . Tumors arise and organs become ruined. Before jumping to only mend that body part, we must be aware that the primary cause dwells more deeply. We must make every effort to enrich our divine self in an attempt to win insights into what needs modifying. The two most highly critical metaphysical basic principles that will us on this quest , is to observe that we certainly have a direct tangible connection to the father of all, and the power of that connection is decided via the rule of action and consequence. Prosperous mind body spirit work is exacting. We must make a long standing consignment to engage in it in all facets of our lives, around the clock. We must be self motivated to try and do this work as well as a inner goal, such as working for the good of all, is most certainly to yield us the energy needed to achieve success . All three areas of work are covered in any successful spiritual path, for example, one could learn kriya yoga. This is also known as God's teachings of love, or Jesus teachings. The Spiritual Treasures, in specific is one set of written teachings and is highly recommended by this author. Outer work : We analyze all attributes of our own lives by having a receptive mind and are willing to change anything that is dark. We even consider major life changes such as where we dwell, our business and our nearest relationships. Getting rid of the non loving is not enough for divine soothing. We also are proactive and take over a new more loving metaphysical chosen lifestyle and line of work . The most profound outward practice we carry out , is to become an active and useful person in the global community . Inner practices : It is crucial to take on activities that help us to better center our attention inwards. Inner activities are in most cases done when we are alone, or least when we commonly are not socializing with others. Meditation, a love prayer, journaling, meditative walks in nature, yoga and art are all commendable kinds of inner work . Some sort of inner practice will become a part in our day to day schedule. It may be a time we will put away because it is required to strengthen ourselves. Applied inner practices : Although our inner practice will tutor us how to comfort ourselves when alone, focusing inward must become a part of our day to day habit when we are out and about. This helps to contain any burden we maybe bearing, instead of projecting it onto those just about us. It will also help us to see many toxic issues with our lives that we may have never recognized impacted us in a wrong way when we went through our day to day routine preoccupied . In this way, we may suddenly find out more outward changes we plan to make, to sustain ourselves better. If we all at once engage in all 3 features of mind body spirit work , with the aim of becoming more sensitive to our spiritual counsel , we will begin to have liberty. We just might discover ourselves facing concerns and over coming desires. An invisible , yet very tangible load will all of a sudden be loosed. Our hearts will open and inner health will start to manifest . Every facet of our own life will benefit . Our mind body spirit and our relationships will deepen with this health . We will begin to see the world with loving eyes and find ourselves at home in our body regardless of our own outward cases.
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