Turn Cold MLM Leads Into Hot Prospects

4 Mar 2014 - 8:29pm
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It doesn’t matter which search site you use, Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the others you are certain to find pages of results for companies offering “ free MLM leads “, and it’s not too strange of a thing to get a lead generation company offering up to 10,000 free MLM leads If you go online looking for free MLM leads , chances are- you will be sure to find plenty of offers! A quick search on Google, Yahoo or another search engine is sure to yield plentiful results that attempt to direct you to sites that offer “free MLM leads.” Think for a moment of your ideal target market. Who in fact would be interested in an MLM business where you could work out of your home, set your own hours, and have an earning potential of over $100,000 a month? Examples of this would be targeting leads from Online Job Boards such as Careerbuilder or Monster since we know that everyone who has a resume sitting there is transitional and is looking. Are the leads qualified with an online interview asking specific questions about the person, their goals and their business experience? The more you know about the person, the better! We are a small niche company, not some huge faceless multi national, we answer every customer service contact, we provide real personalized service, we do our very best to help you grow your business, why? We want you to be successful so you and your team buy from us Fresh leads / not over sold- If it’s over sold, it’s as good as old. Our leads are fresh, thus retaining greater marketing potency and bringing you better conversion rates for your dollar. My upline would assure me that it was my determination that would be the difference between making a million dollars or making nothing in MLM. These sizzling leads are people whohave responded to money making ad campaigns in the last 14 days. After15 days these names roll over into our standard business opportunity seekerslists. U.S. companies often overlook thelucrative business opportunity seekers and MLM market that exists in Canada.Sure, it costs a little more to mail to Canada, but many successfulventures which are common in the U.S. have had little exposure north of the border.We have access to thousands of Canadian opportunity seekers ready toearn extra income. We keep our overhead low and our costs down so we can pass those savings along to you in the form of lower prices on our leads. John M. from Arizona found that his advanced degrees did absolutely nothing to help him build a network marketing business. “I just couldn’t get there from here” John recalls. “It was a real ego breaker to realize that I had gone to school all these years and I couldn’t do it.” After all, network marketing was supposed to be easy. This course taught me the words to use to get the prospect's attention so that I have a chance to start a dialogue. Now, after some preparation and rehearsals I can call my leads with confidence and the right posture.” - Gisela Bahr, Eniva Distributor Think about it, rather than individually speaking to everyone you meet about an important lesson you learned, you can make a 5-minute YouTube video and send it off via email. Now you have saved yourself having to individually talk to everyone you wanted to get the message across to and best of all other unconnected people will discover the video and potentially want to work with you or follow along with your content. Just ask my man Fraser McDonald , and the ton of other people he has taught to leverage Facebook the right way (including myself) that has lead to people finally being able to quit their 9-to-5 jobs. If you are doing what everyone else is doing, chances are you are committing one or more of the 7 deadly sins of prospecting. This astonishingly frank audio training program is the other side of the story you are not getting about prospecting in network marketing. Finding honest, straight-shooting advice about network marketing success seems to be the exception in network marketing. That’s where Leaders Club is different. We’re not afraid to point out mistakes. More importantly, we don’t hide the real solutions. I would say get it and listen several times and use it until it is second nature to you.” - George Covington, TX Speak with people today who share your passion for Time Freedom! Are you tired of adding hundreds of "friends" on FB and Twitter only to get little to no results or it takes forever to get people interested in your products or services? It IS a minimal investment as far as dollars go, but a larger investment in TIME with no guarantee you will find the right people who share your passion to be their own boss. Lots of convincing has to take place and the potential to lose your momentum.
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