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9 Feb 2014 - 6:48pm
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I am new to this forum, have been following it for over a yr and finally created an account :)

I know this topic has been discussed many many times on this forum, but any more insight into this topic will be v helpful.

Background abouy myself: I am a UX/I designer with over 10yrs of experience. I have my bachelors in Applied arts and design (India). I really enjoy what I do. Off late I am seeing a trend from many employers looking for candidates with Masters in HCI, I know with the amount of experience I have, it might really not play an essential part in hiring me. But, it will increase my chances in finding a new job going forward. I don't wish to make any career changes right now, but I am thinking way ahead, like 5yrs from now.

Now, my biggest constraint is I have 2 kids and  I cannot practically move to any place to pursue MS program. I  live in GA and I know we have a great school right here. But, I can't really quit my job and go full time at GTech. 

Given all this criteria, I have been looking into MS programs which are offered online. I ofcourse found Bentley which seems to be a great program.  I also found IOWA state and IUPUI which is offering a grad certificate in HCI. They are fine with my education background. Univ of Baltimore also has a IDIA masters.

So here is my list:

1) Bentley - This is by far the best
2) IOWA State - This program seems to be very research and computer science focussed. I could be wrong. 
3) IUPUI Grad certificate - This is not a masters program. This is a HCI certificate which is actually offered online, but classes are not live streamed like Bentley does. I looked up linkedin and did not find anybody with this certificate.
4) IDIA univ of Baltimore - This seems to be a nice program, but I am not very impressed with the faculty. Looked up linkedin and literally found 2 ppl who have attended this school. 

Now my question to all of you, have any of you attended any of these programs and completed your masters? Can you please let me know which one suits my needs? I am a designer and I don't plan to change my role into research anytime. I need to make a conscious decision of choosing the right school. I will not be getting an opportunity to do masters again given all my constraints listed.

I will appreciate if any of you can let me know your thoughts.

Thanks so much in advance!


10 Feb 2014 - 9:51am

Oh I also forgot to mention RIT (Rochester Institute of Technlogy). That offers online programs too. 

Can anyone please please reply to this post.

Thanks so much!!

11 Feb 2014 - 9:48am
Aaron Marcus

Dear IXDA Colleagues:

I appreciatre the recent posting about the need for training and the value in learning about Interaction Design, User-Experience (UX) Design, and Mobile UX Design....
As some of you may know, I have given tutorials and workshops on most of these topics since 1980 around the world. Should any of you have access to decision-makers at your own organizations, please contact them and have them get in touch with me to arrange to bring my workshops to your own site. 
In 2012, I gave three days of UX training to more than 400 SAP UX Designers and UX Software Engineers in five countries. These workshops are available immediately for scheduling. I append the topics covered.
In 2013, I gave a five-day short course on mobile user-experience design, focusing on mobile persuasion design, at three locations: to graduate students of the Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago; to graduate students of the School of Design at the Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; and to professionals, faculty, and graduate students from all over China at the De Tao Academy, Shanghai. I attach a description of that workshop, which is available immediately for scheduliing.
If you happen to be at these conferences/workshops in 2014, I shall be giving presentations on the topics listed at the following events:
Cross-Cultural User-Experience Design
Mobile Persuasion Design
Mobile User-Experience Design Trends
User-Experience Design in Science-Fiction Movies and TV
The Happiness Machine Event, Sonic Rim, San Francisco, CA, 28 February 2014: c/o: Christopher Avery <>, a free three-hour special workshop
Human-Computer Interaction International/Design, User Experience, and Usability, 22-27 June  2014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece:, four tutorials
Computer Graphics and Media Design, 8-10 July 2014, Chicago:, one tutorial on mobile persuason design
Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, 19-23 July 2014, Cracow, Poland:, three tutorials
If you need further information, please contact me. I look forward to further communication.
SIncerely, Aaron Marcus
UX Design Workshops Lecture/Exercise Agenda
For UX Designers (Two-Days) 
and UX Software Engineers/Developers (One Day)
Aaron Marcus, President
Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. (AM+A)
2-Day Workshop for Senior UX Designers:

1.1.Intro to Workshop, Teachers, Participants
1.2.User-Community-Centered Design (UCCD) of UX
1.3.Cross-Cultural UX Design
1.4.Cross-Cultural UX Design.EXERCISE
1.5.Gestural Interaction in UX
1.6.InfoVisualization.Case Study
1.8.Storyboarding and Storyselling
1.9.Storyboarding and Storyselling.EXERCISE
2.1.Mobile UI Design.Intro, Tour and Book Summary
2.2.Asian Technology Trends and Culture Issues
2.3.Culture-Centered Case Study.Wukong Project
2.4.Case Study.San Jose Police Department
2.5.Mobile TV
2.6.New Mobile UI/UX Trends
2.7.Mobile Basics.Guidelines
2.8.Mobile Basics. Templates
2.9.Mobile Basics. Design Tools
2.10.Mobile Persuasion Design
1-Day Workshop for Senior UX-Oriented Software Engineers:

Five-Day Short Course in Mobile User-Experience Design

See Attachment: CN.DTMA_.AM_.Workshop.Eng_.Rev_.231113.pdf

On 10Feb14, at 2:08 PM, Sachit Shori <> wrote:

Sachit Shori posted about Need advice for web designer coming after 10 years break. on

I do have a similar story with a break of 2 years in regular job. But I have been doing freelance web designing on and since then. It has kept me in loop with the technology and i'm making good money as well, higher than what I used to earn in my regular job. The technologies I have been working on are Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress Illustrator.

But I wish to switch over to Interaction design, UI/UX design, Mobile App design and development since thats the hot shot now a days. Its highly paid as well. No one just wants simple mockup design using Photoshop and simple HTML and CSS.

I guess it would be better if you (we) go for an online course or someone in the industry who can teach Interaction Design and then can attend some live workshops to get in to the field and you will also get to know people around who are into the same profession.

CN.DTMA_.AM_.Workshop.Eng_.Rev_.231113.pdf 2.13 MB
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