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9 Feb 2014 - 4:57pm
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Francis Storr

Hi, friend of IxDA PDX.


Sometime in the (possibly distant) past signed up to the IxDA PDX mailing list at That's because you're awesome. Seriously.


Now that we have your attention, we have some news about this mailing list: it's a little less than optimal for many reasons. We tried to mitigate this lack-of-optimal by having a separate Gmail mailing list, but that just got complicated and over the past year or so it's all become something of a headache to manage. But fear not! We have a solution! We're going to be using our new Google Group to manage our communications, which should mean that you get timely messages from us about what's going on.


This next bit's important:


In the next few days you're going to get an invitation to join the new IxDA PDX Google Group. If you don't accept the invitation, you won't get any more communication from us. Which would be sad. Such sadness. Never email again. Wow.


We've got great plans for this year and beyond, so if you want to find out more about those, be sure to accept the invitation from us when it hits your in-box.



Your friends at IxDA PDX

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