Best Colleges to do Masters in Human Computer Interaction in USA..

3 Feb 2014 - 8:50pm
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I want to do Master's in Human Computer Interaction for Fall 2015. I need some suggestion to choose best college and how the portfolio requirements are.

Thank you.


10 Feb 2014 - 1:31pm


I have researched and shortlisted a few universities for your pursuit of an M.A in HCI. These are geographically in diferent regions, so you can choose to apply on any one of them depending on your preferences.

  • Georgia Tech - Georgia Instutitue of Technology -
  • Carnegie Mellon University -
  • CIID (yes, it sounds simlilar to CID- the T.V series)- Copenhagen Institute of Design - 

There are several more universities, of course but these are the top/popular universiities right now.

The portofolio requirements will differ for each but take extra note that GT needs a GRE test along with TOEFL

I would strongly advice you to start greenlighting yourself and work on imaginary products, be it websites, apps, interfaces. Take pictures of your sketches, wireframes and upload them along with your finished digital work to popular sites like, Dribbble, Behance, Coroflot. Share your doubts on Designer News-it is the newest place for designers to communicate.

If possible, purchase a domain from GoDaddy, so you can have your own personal website.

I wanted to apply to CIID but the admissions process got over way too soon (January 10). I would advice you to bookmark it and start checking from Oct-Nov onwards for the admission process. So instead of CIID, I am now going for Hyper Island as an Interactive Art Director. I got the admission for this fall's course. What did you do for your B.A? I am ony my final academic year as a Game Design student.

You are welcome to ask for more help or if you have any other doubts.

12 Feb 2014 - 10:44pm

Thanks Anmol for ur Suggestion and i have started building my portfolio,soon update in planning for Fall 2015.

23 Feb 2014 - 11:18pm


I am a HCI graduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in upstate New York. Their M.S. in HCI is an excellent program with experienced professors, and the students are very smart. RPI's program is different from others in that it focuses on communication. Degrees are earned with a minimum of 30 credit hours. I am completing the program in one calendar year, including a summer session. They used to have an online option but that is no longer available. Upstate NY is more affordable than other areas, and RPI has a great reputation with a US News Best Colleges ranking of #41 for 2014.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck,


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