ustwo Design Jam // Circular Economy // Saturday, January 25

15 Jan 2014 - 5:37pm
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Join the ustwo Design Jam & design for the Circular Economy!

Design a more sustainable world, and solve real business problems while having fun! The Design Jam will be hosted at the ustwo New York, with food and drinks provided. Are you a visual, interaction or industrial designer, a sustainability expert or think you should be? Join us! 

Service Design Jam
Designing the Circular Economy
Saturday 25th January
From 10am - 6pm 

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(Spaces limited to +/- 20 creatives)

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More about the Design Jam

As a digital product and service design studio, ustwo™ wants to use creativity for good and give students and young professionals an opportunity to learn, create and collaborate on real world problems that are a result of our linear economy. 

What if customers can rent or lease a product, rather then buying it? Customers won’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs and for companies it makes sense to retain precious materials. And how can companies make it easier and more worthwhile for customers to reuse, recycle and fix their products? Can we create value for customers, the environment and the business at the same time?

Join us to learn more!

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