Advice for a London-based IT Professional willing to steer career towards IxD (but trying to understand IxD first)

14 Jan 2014 - 5:57pm
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I´m an IT Consultant based in London with 3+ years of working experience and willing to move from IT consultancy towards IxD, as I feel it is something which wil fulfill me more.

My working experience is withing deploying security solutions (with a focus on Identiy and Access Management and cryptography) to clients across various industries. I know codying (e.g. Java, HTML, CSS) but I specialize more in vendor solutions and security matters than in development. I hold a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Computer Engineering. 

Having studied IT and experience the corporate world I've realised that I need to do somethign more creative than what I currently do. Although I understanding coding it bores me for a fullt-time job, as the creativity around it soon becomes repetitive and mind-numbing. I want my work to improve how people interact with things and I need to find creativity on my daily job. I'm conscious that I have spent aroud 8 years studying/working in IT and I would like to make use of that knowledge but steer my carreer towards design dsciplines. As well as IxD, I'm very interested in product design and how people interact with products (e.g. not necessarily through IT/Software interfaces). 

That said, I want to ask for opinions on wether IxD seems the correct discipline (or related UX, UI) for me and what the next steps should I take to pursue a carrer that would fulfil (hopefuly) the above mentioned.

I´m currently working but I was plannig to quit my job (as I think I should need a full-time programme) and enroll to a university/school in London for the next academic year. I hold a Bsc and a Msc in IT so I was thinking that one-year programme (e.g a MA) would be enough. I have looked in the internet but I haven't found much so I would like to ask for good 1-year programmes in London.

I know of the following two who are reputable but only the first one is one year:

- UAL MA Interaction Design Communication  (1 year)
- RCA MA Interaction Design (2 years)


Many thanks in advance!

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