Bachelors in Design / Bachelors in Psychology : for Masters in IxD

30 Nov 2013 - 3:18am
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I'm 26. I dropped out of electronics engineering in my final year. 
After that i have worked in the field of Interface Design for 2 years.

With things evolving at the pace that we see, I feel there will be need to take a masters in interaction design course a few years down the line. But since i dropped out, i will need a bachelor's degree and i can't give up work for financial reasons.

A) I see the following options infront of me with distance learning.

1) Bachelors in Psychology. (Available from Indian University) - Will studying psychology be an advantage in HCI/IxD ?
2) Bachelors in Computer Applications. (Available from Indian University)
3) Bachelors in Design (Not availavle from any Indian University)

B) Forget about the degrees and do a certificate course in Interaction design later on.
Here, i worry about being shortlisted due to other people with degrees taking the same course.

This question is open ended,
At this is the only forum i will get the most meaningful answer.
I request for help.
Also earn karma :)

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