Feedback on my portfolio - industrial designer wanting to switch to interaction/visual design

4 Nov 2013 - 3:45pm
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Hello, I'm new here! I studied and worked for 1 year as an ID (with some projects in IxD and interface design), but now I want to make the switch to interaction/visual UI design. 

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my online portfolio? I've been working on on some new projects that are more focused towards interface and graphics, as a lot of my prior work was more product/industrial design. The website is 

I had a few school group projects in service and interaction design (from 2010) but I don't know if I should redo the graphics/presentation, or work on new projects instead... I heard it was better to have quality over quantity in my portfolio, but at the same time, if I take these projects out, it feels like I don't have much work left to show!  As well, in industrial design it seemed most companies/employers are not so interested in process, but "money" shots, so I'm wondering how much process I should show in an IxD portfolio? 

I'm almost overwhelmed with what I need to learn/catch up on... (wireframing, html/css, IxD principles) I know that I need a lot more experience, and my hope is that I learn as much as possible on my own, and soon/eventually land an internship or junior position as an interaction/visual designer without needing to go back to school.

Any advice is really appreciated! 



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