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11 Oct 2013 - 6:37am
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iMessage is the large class, but only functional IOS and if there is no internet coverage ... no luck , it goes into normal mscs millimeters . Today I deliver to you Whatsapp Messenger, an application that runs on iOS, Mechanical man, Blackberry and Symbian. Naturally all contents pass through Cyberspace. Whatsapp is a super application known in Suisse , there are few peoples who do not have it. While in France it is not overmuch the case (I feel) ;). It is a " textual matter" - based covering, but it can very easily share other types of formats. A photograph or a TV (already taken or allows to switch on the television camera ), recordable audio tone on time, tangency existing in the address book or at long last our current location. Whatsapp asks you to have access to your address book to verify if the telephone number of your contacts are related to the application and added you on the "Favorites" tab all your contacts using WA! A very well done application, that allows to make discussion groups and send a broadcast message. Here is more about free international sms review
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