IxDA Website Profiles Fixed?! Let us know!

2 Oct 2013 - 10:37am
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Eric Schrage

IxDA support reported they were able to fix the problems with the profiles and pictures. If you are so inclined, please try to update your profile and let us know. It would be nice to have friendly faces smiling back. Here are the details:

IxDA.org - photo and password reset fixes are live

Great news. We've resolved the picture-upload problem on ixda.org that was driving many of you (and me) a little nuts! At the same time, we've solved the password reset problem that was serving up random errors. 

We were able to do this thanks to a referral from Michael Wolfe in Cape Town, who connected us with Roger Sanner, a Drupal developer who is also part of the Cape Town local group. Via a Skype session, Matt and Roger managed to make 'instant happiness' for me this morning. Yay for the power of local group volunteers! 

What I can't do is go back and fix broken links, so you may have some work to do within your groups to have folks re-upload photos that have gone missing. 

Check it out - and hopefully these fixes make all our lives a little easier working with the site! 


3 Oct 2013 - 2:30am


Eric not sure if its important anymore but I have been successful in inputing my profile picture. Now that the website will be up and running, It will give us more leverage.

Anways was great having the discussion, I saw a post announcing the new leadership of the IxDA Board of Directors. maybe we can call the closes one which would be Dani Malik located at california, and find ways that we can share resources, ideas, and etc. I'm not sure as to how well connected the IxDA organization is, but I know if one is doing great I'm sure they would be happy to share thier knowledge and possibly resources to the group. If you wish for more detail in what I mean, call me at (602)670-2931. Iets make it happen, will keep you guys posted if I find anything relevent and usful to the group.

6 Oct 2013 - 6:41pm
Eric Schrage

Thanks, David! I appreciate you testing out the fix. IxDA has a montly meeting I go to to get ideas from other local leaders. Tonia Bartz is our regional representative and she can also lend us a hand. 

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