Possible issues with gel nails

10 Sep 2013 - 9:22am
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Solution nails have become growing popular within the beauty industry. Their greatest appeal has been the capacity to keep the application of color uniform and shiny for a considerably longer period than other applications. Oftentimes fans have reported having the ability to preserve chip free nail applications for up to 2 days, with only a individual hint up needed to take care of fresh nail growth. On feet the application can even last for over per month without any problems because of the less wear and tear on the feet. You will find however some who don't recommend this application to any or all customers. One of the good reasons for this really is that some solution nail packages require the application to be dried by the use of UV lamps. Whilst the producers do maintain the amount of exposure is small, clinical study does confirm that UV rays do add towards skin cancer problems. It is difficult to share with at this time whether prolonged usage of these lamps can have any serious harmful results to the skin on the arms in this way, although the exposure is just a few minutes per application. A method to get round this dilemma may be to moisturize the arms with sunscreen gel before placing them beneath the lamps, or simply get a nail set that does not use UV lamps. uñas de gel Removal of the applying also requires the usage of acetone. The fingernails are generally supposed to be drenched in the hard liquid for a few moments before the software will come off. The nail bed can be harmed by this kind of prolonged exposure making them brittle. It may be a good idea to ensure you frequently moisturize your fingernails and support a good diet to advertise good nail health. Some allergy symptoms have also been mentioned with this program, but this is mainly among people with very sensitive skin. For more take a look at UñAs de Gel.
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