Suggestions on book promotion?

18 Dec 2012 - 10:04am
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Hello all,

I have been a lurker but this is my first official post. I recently published a book titled "Interdisciplinary Interaction Design: A Visual Guide to Basic Theories, Models and Ideas for Thinking and Designing for Interactive Web Design and Digital Device Experiences." It's a book geared towards interactive design educators to help transition their students to thinking about interaction design. I try to use visual diagrams and metaphors to make some foreign concepts more accessible.

The reason I am posting is to see if any one had ideas on getting the word out on the book. I am self publishing it and know that social media and twitter are good tools, but what other suggestions do you have? Are there people, blogs, book reviews, education programs I should send a copy of the book too? Are there any other ideas or suggestions you have? Any help would be great ... I think it's a nice little resource, just have to get people to see it.

Thank you for your time,
James Pannafino
Assistant Professor
Art and Design
Millersville University, PA


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