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2 Sep 2012 - 11:20pm
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75 La Niya (Jordan queen)

40 Michelle (the first U.S. a Lady)

36 Hillary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State)

38 Margaret Chan (WHO Director-General )

the world's most powerful woman TOP5

Prime Minister Angela Merkel in Germany

Bell U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman

Illinois U.S. Pepsi Chief Executive Officer

4 Carol English Anglo American Chief Executive Officer

Ho Ching, Singapore Temasek Holdings Group Chief Executive Officer

U.S. financial magazine Forbes announced on the 19th 100 of the world's most influential cheap wedding dress under 100 women list. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (above) for the fourth consecutive year, ranked first. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary inexpensive evening gowns Clinton ranked 36. U.S. first lady Michelle for the first time to squeeze in one hundred list, ranked 40.

According to the British Germany in the next general election at the end is expected that Merkel will be re-elected. cheap wedding dresses

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ranked only 36, representing a decrease of 8, to prove the influence of the U.S. Secretary of State is less than the presidential candidate. U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy rolex replica Pelosi also came in ahead of Hillary. Hillary Clinton's former Secretary of State Condoleezza Wedding Dresses 2012 Rice this year, not on the list.

fans substantial increase in U.S. first lady Michelle for the first time the list will be ranked 40, higher than the talk show queen Oprah Winfrey (41) and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (p. 42 bit).

American women are the big winners of this list. Americans accounted for 63% of the 100 most Wedding Dress influential women. Britain selected the number of people came in second. The most of

influential women in business

The Forbes More than 1/4 of the selected candidates for president of the company or person in charge.

thanks to the financial crisis, thanks womens bvlgari to the majority of the top ten inside the business community elite, two U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, care of the household Sheila Bell, Pepsi Chief Executive Officer of Illinois and the Anglo-American Energy Group CEO Carol's share of the third and fourth. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife, Temasek Chief Executive Officer Ho Ching, the first five.

from Hong Kong, China, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, ranked 38, Amway Hong Kong Cheap Wedding Dresses Group in Greater China and Southeast Asia, Chief Executive Officer Eva Cheng, ranked 92. Success of the list in Asia strong woman President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of the Philippines (44) and South Korea's Hyundai Group Chairman Xuanzhen grace (79).

Jordan king Houlaniya known as the most respected women in the Middle East, up to 600,000 supporters in the social networking site Twitter account opened, No. 75.

against Germany scored twice in excitement Balotelli into the stands to embrace his mother, Silvia Balotelli, at this time he just wants and mother to celebrate , goals and dedicated to her: families, one is the parents Balotelli home a Bawa home Evening dresses 2012 in Ghana. cheap prom dresses He was a the Rose Bawa and Thomas Bawa child, but he was born Houluo Si and Thomas unable to raise him, took him gave Balotelli a, Silvia and her husband, Francesco .

thousands of miles outside of Ghana, Bawa one gathered in front of the TV watching the game of the bar of God, they are also the proud one. Unfortunately, the Fake rolex watches bar of God, Grandpa, Nana Bawa two weeks ago, died at the age of 74 years. Pakistan God gave Nana a baseball cap with his signature, and August will go to Ghana to visit him, a pity that the elderly can not wait for this day. Thomas call to the bar of God, told his grandfather died, but the bar of God, post-match interview, no mention of grandfather, have been saying that the Balotelli family.

But bawa a does not hold a grudge, to Pakistan for God only bless, I hope he was able to visit Ghana. The 30-year-old Alex Bawa, uncle of the bar of God, he is a mechanic and earn £ 75 a week, the weekly earnings of the bar Evening dresses under 100 of God in Manchester is £ 120,000. Very proud of Alex when it Wedding Dresses 2012 comes to the bar of God: I did, it makes me closer to him, I've never seen Mario, but we have the opportunity to see him play, but he had never met Evening dresses my grandfather, my father had never seen his grandson, I am very sad father as much as possible to see him every game, eager to see him, but this is impossible, I hope Mario us to look at his ancestors. shanty and full of dust road, and the bar of God luxury living in Milan and Manchester days do not live in the Fifth District in Ghana gold-mining town Conon Ge, only 4 million people, everywhere is. The age of 18 bar of God to obtain the Italian nationality, said he did not recognize the ancestors of Ghana, However, the Bawa family Wedding Dresses 2012 has been closely watching him. Ake Sua, sister of Thomas, aged 44, she is the aunt of the bar of God, have never seen the nephew: his picture, I have such a famous nephew, went to had never met. Balotelli relatives in Ghana never think so. 80-year-old Balotelli grandfather Waku Waku said: I feel sad, I'm not interested in his money, I just want to tell him there are his roots, people are not always where not as good as home, okay? photos of his 3 years old, 17 years ago, Mario's father sent over E Kusha greatest wish is to see for his nephew.

bar of God in the UEFA registered name is On behalf of the bar of God to recognize his ancestral home of Ghana, but never written a full name on his shirt, people will see is

Balotelli is a famous bad boy his vices numerous, but the family always remembered his. Bar of God, Ghana relatives Cheap wedding dresses calling you home to see.

Teng waves

June 13, 2012 08:46:10
Source: People's Daily

IQ tests, through observation and space perception, memory, learning, analysis and judgment, abstract thinking, imagination and resilience of a series of questions to quantify an awareness of objective things, and use of knowledge to a method of problem-solving skills. Always been controversial, especially the established racial discrimination and social exclusion policy is widely reviled. But no new method before the advent of the IQ test is still Wedding dresses 2012 considered the ability to test it from time to time disclosed is also cause for reflection.

According to the French This discovery announced by the New Zealand Flynn professor called In recent years, this phenomenon have tended to spread in all developed countries, scientists do not rule out the possibility of its ultimate global spread. Similarly, in the

this phenomenon raised a number of problems: First, whether the human intelligence reached its limit? We have computers, robotics, and other modern intelligence tools, intelligence still maintain the evolution? Second, why developed countries such as Denmark and Norway, the modern welfare state has long been the first Dresses 2012 of this phenomenon? What causes the information society of this phenomenon?

various experts explain today. Phil Flynn I think that the IQ were tested before modernization in an upward trend, while the Nordic countries, Denmark and Norway advance reached its peak; some people think is the The technology explosion caused the whole work of the original exercise of the human brain to a computer or network, or even a number of minor computer control, network control; Another view is that education, especially mathematics has not adapted to the requirements of the new era, may be the main reason . Denmark and Norway to implement algebraic methods have been ignored in the basic arithmetic teaching, leading to the decline of youth mathematical ability, students excessive use of the computer can lead to speed and contact neurons and nutritional energy supply will naturally have their own evolutionary limit; French scientists questioned the IQ test is a mechanical rely on the wisdom of the imagination, today's youth understand mathematical concepts. Cartesian era of scientists used a century and finally understood.

these arguments shows that the human brain is not fully aware of, but we can label several noteworthy highlights: First, how to use modern tools for efficient effort Province brain in juvenile stage is a need to study subject difficult to know in order to line ultimately rely on the collective human wisdom to solve because of the time, the goal is to improve work efficiency, and promote social progress and realize the people's moral, intellectual, physical, full development; is the IQ of the individual limit, the complex social problems.

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