Cooper U: Design Collaboration & Communication course

26 Jun 2012 - 2:38pm
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Kendra Shimmell

Get alignment around a shared design vision. Learn techniques, tools, and skills for working with diverse teams to create a viable, feasible, and desirable products. During this two day session, you can learn and practice approaches for communicating effectively, incorporating different perspectives, and persuasive storytelling throughout the design process. This workshop is an intensive, hands-on experience for up to 20 students led by senior Cooper staff.

This Workshop will expose attendees to the fundamentals of measuring customer experience and provide a framework for identifying, organizing, presenting, and taking action on customer experience metrics across the enterprise.


 You will participate in exercises that allow you to take stock of current customer experience metrics, identify gaps, brainstorm additional metrics that may be needed, design a sample customer experience dashboard, and formulate a plan for acting on that data to drive customer experience improvement.

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