Call for image contributions to my book

13 Jun 2012 - 11:25am
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Steve Portigal
I'm in the early production/final editing stages of my book The Art and Craft of User Research Interviewing
( and am looking for images to enhance the text. I'd love the book to represent more of the field that just Steve's-this-about-Steve's-that; I'm including\ sidebar stories from a number of folks that will provide some contrasting perspectives; but it seems like the visuals are also an opportunity to bring in a broader set of examples.
If you have a candidate image for any of the following, please reach out to me at This must be an image that you have the rights to (and you'll be asked to sign a form for the publisher indicating that). You will receive credit as provider of the image.
I am planning to wrap this up by the end of this week, thanks!
The images I need are
  • a fieldwork packet, interview guide, incentive, NDA, all packed up and ready to go
  • something showing the different contexts in phone interviews - where we are and where they are (either side of the equation; I'm going to put together a split-screen image)
  • A research-outcome "museum" - by that I mean some installation that exists in the corporate environment that documents the results, experiences, outcome, etc. of fieldwork in a way that the rest of the organization can engage with
  • A "public" synthesis session; an unusual environment where synthesis takes place, like a kitchen, and with that, people stop by and see what's going on (and become interested)




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