How to measure the effectiveness of a new proposed feature for an information system?

7 May 2012 - 11:22am
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In my research I am introducing a new approach on effect of some social relation information on performance of an online information system. I have no idea how I can measure the possible effectiveness of proposed factors though a questionnaire. How do you write questions for a feature that doesn’t exist? As these features do not exist in the current system, they are “proposed” as being effective. I mean, the way I may use items for questionnaire can't be as simple as "I feel no difficulty in using this system".  

Please help me on this matter.


8 May 2012 - 2:51am
Yohan Creemers

I don't think you can measure the effectiveness of a non-existing feature. In a questionnaire you can try to find out the desirability of a new feature. For example, by describing several new features and asking the respondents how much they would be prepared to pay for it.

To measure effectiveness you would at least need a prototype simulating the new feature. Based on using the proptotype, respondents can predict if the new feature will be helpful.

8 May 2012 - 4:00am
tnx dear Yohan for your guide. My challenge is how write a proper question wording to measure desirability. In my case to see the perception of users on effect of “demographic similarities” among involved user to accept an advice I wrote the question like this: "I will trust a feedback, if I know the feedback provider has the same level of education as me". Is this kind of wording in writing item, correct? Can I use “If” to evaluate their on the proposed new feature of ”social relation information” in the system?
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