Creating User Personas for Online Banking Redesign - Looking for great survey questions...

11 Apr 2012 - 11:59am
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Scott Daniels

I'm part of a team working on a redesign of our company's online banking platform. The current platform is hosted by a third party so there are no analytics about user behavior once a customer logs in.

We do have quite a bit of demographic data covering things like income, gender, age, which products people are using (checking, loans, credit cards, CD's, etc.). I have also put in a request with our customer service/online support group to start supplying us with information about which issues generate the most support calls.

We've also got 10-20 hours worth of contextual inquiry videos of people working their way through the current experience.

Unfortunately, we don't have the resources for further interviews or ethnographic studies.

What we would like to do is craft an online survey which will be emailed to our current customers as well as linked from the main website's home page.

I'm looking for some help with what types of questions we can ask, in a concise manner, that will assist us in creating relevant and informative Personas. We really need to get into the "how" and "why" rather than the "who" since the demographic stats already cover that.

My hope is that we can use techniques like K-Means Clustering, etc. to analyze the surveys into several user types/personas.

Does anyone have suggestions on what types of questions and answers would best suit our task? 

I would also be grateful if anyone has input on recommended types of survey analysis (like clustering) we can do to break down the responses into useable personas.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.

- Scott


12 Apr 2012 - 4:55pm
Hi, first, look at some recent bank website redesigns for ideas, two here in New Zealand: - - ASB gets the clean design thing right but not the layout. Westpac gets the layout right but not the clean design thing. Good source of ideas here. Next you need to test users accomplishing tasks. Pick those tasks, see how they accomplish them on the current site and then make changes to the site for the redesign based on the information you gather. Hope that helps!
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