first came to earth ,he is likely to human judgments

26 Mar 2012 - 11:22pm
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2010-11-08 11 : 24: 17 dimensional boat sex wars :the purpose of life is life itself intersex genetic determinism rotifer life male animal gender  Cheap Wedding dresses  relationship gender war the selfish gene black cat sergeant 88161527 Southern Metropolis Daily / enpproperty -- > , relationresultSex wars ,( USA) ,Judson Olivier ,translated by Du Ran ,Shanxi people press 2010 September edition ,26.
80 yuan .An extension of reading , relationresult Sex quest -- human Wedding dresses  evolution ( USA) ,Jared Diamond ,Shanghai science and Technology Press 2008 May edition ,18 yuan .Dimensional boat -  Red bottom shoes columnist ,Shanghai , relationresultTest youknow which of the following a few facts :Although most of the animal are only two kinds of sex ,but a growth in the trunk of mushroom -- Schizophyllum commune has 2000 a variety black red bottoms  of gender ;living in the Mediterranean Sea Green spoon worms ,200000 times larger than the males ;as many as 80 female animal variety in the mating Replica watches process eat their male partner ;drone mating ends will stick in the female body ,to prevent her from mating with other drones ;Wren a semen contains at least 8000000000 sperm ( and a drop of only about 180000000 of human semen sperm ) ;the lions mating frequency ,can eventually lead to pregnancy less than 1% animal ;real monogamy is very rare ,and belongs Fake rolex for sale  to the most abnormal acts ;in birds, rapists are often those in smart clothes married male .
relationresultIndeed,the animal kingdom in Red bottom heels  gender relations of this diversity ,will let us a lot of people begin to feel unaccustomed ,uncomfortable ,and even difficult to accept ,because they show that diversity and human relationships are often the difference is too great disparity, and our moral values are significantly different .
But undeniable is a species evolution :is the core ,and species  Red soled shoes of concern is their reproduction ,therefore ,any can effectively adapt to the environment of all the way may be adopted in the process of evolution ,biological evolution laws of nature and morality .
relationresultIn this christian louboutin replica shoes  kind ofanimal behavior is discussed ,the most common is the two kind of fallacy :one is that the final reduction theory ,can be restored to human behavior in biology to understand ;the second is that genetic  christian louboutin heels cheap  determinism ,human genes of the human nature .
After all these book readers are all human beings ,such as when seen in the vast majority of the population ,conflict between the sexes is because of female wanton and cause ,in many species, is a female animal to decide with whom to mate this  wedding dress  inference ,people often can to imagine humans in certain behaviors have biological roots .
But human and other animal difference is that he lives in a man made Prom dresses 2012   the social world ,the cultural influence on the shaping of human behavior is often more powerful .relationre Evening gowns  sultHowever,it is necessary to acknowledge ,on human relationships explained ,some can get inspiration from  Wedding dresses  the animal kingdom .
The third chimpanzee a book once said ,if there were aliens first came to earth ,he is likely to human judgments of the biped hairless creature with a  Wedding dress cheap mild polygamy tendency ,the reason is human male weight is generally 1.
2 times higher than women .In the earth biosphere, many animal have male and female individual difference phenomenon (the so-called two state ) ,if a male is larger in dresses for wedding guests  size and more aggressive ,often appear to polygamy, and vice versa .
Monogamous species are male and female body shape roughly .Most of the species are female couples have the  christian louboutin sale shoes  right to choose, and the male is bright, in order to obtain the female mating season in favor of this phenomenon in the primitive society ,the human is also true :men are often covered with painted ,must struggle to red bottom shoes for women platforms  get his wife ,while women are not afraid of no husband .
Only in the popular culture influence the development stage ,only women dressed himself to please men  Red bottom shoes price  anomaly .relationresultOfcreating animal community diversity be hardly worthy of belief ,which is itself on the extremely complex natural conditions of evolutionary adaptation, because most of the species on the surface  first communion Gowns  of the earth, the distribution is mostly confined in a small geographic range -- besides humans, the history of the most widely distributed land mammal is the lion .

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