Anyone familiar with Cooper Interaction Design Training or other interaction design summer course?

17 Mar 2012 - 9:09pm
4 years ago
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I'm looking for some interaction design course for the coming summer.

Here is there website of Cooper:

Their course for interaction design costs 2k+ but it is only 4 days. Has anyone here taken this course before? How was your experience?

I also heard of NYU ITP's summer camp, which is more about design/technology, but do cover some user experience. This camp costs 1.5k. It is 4 weeks.

Also, SVA has a summer intensive program about interaction design. It is 4 weeks, 3 courses and costs 3k.

Which one is better? Any suggestions?


19 Mar 2012 - 4:10pm

I took the Design Collaboration course last year and it was well worth it. From what I understand, Cooper prefers if you take the courses in order; either way, you will still learn a lot. Also, your milage will vary depending upon your own professional experience. I'd say the Interaction Design course would be a good primer for new designers and a refresher for seasoned pros.

Protip: Try to talk to Alan while you are there.

Best of luck,


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