Malmö anyone? Need application advice

13 Mar 2012 - 11:31pm
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olivia g


First of all, really quickly, I've looked around on this site and don't see much if anything about the IxD masters at Malmö University.  Did anyone out there go there?  Is it respected in industry?

My second question is more a request for guidance.  I'm coming from a social sciences background in undergrad, but I've been working as a financial regulator for 3 years.  (thank you, economy)  I'm hardly plugged in right now to a creative/research/design mind set, but I'm desperately seeking to return to that.  Everything I've read about interaction design gets me excited about it.  That being said, I find myself struggling with my application.  I don't know what work samples to include.  Has anyone been in a similar position or come from a similar background?  Or does anyone know what admissions officers might be looking for?  I thought about musing over a problem and trying to take an interaction design approach to solving it.  But I'm at a loss at how to demonstrate this, since I've just started learning about interaction design.  Sadly, my current job provides me nothing useful except a disdain for the lack of a user-friendly website design.  Disclaimer: I know I am way over thinking this.  It's kinda what I do.

Things about me that might be useful to know:  I have zero design background beyond my self-taught photoshop skills and photography.  I know basic scripting languages.  I have some old research papers I did for my sociology courses that show my analysis, but that's about it.  Oh and some GIS maps. haha

My interests: design, social entrepreneurship, mobile computing especially for learning/community organizing, music, cognition, e-learning

Please please reply if you have anything at all to suggest.  I greatly appreciate it!  I like that people DO reply in this community.

- Olivia

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