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7 Mar 2012 - 10:57pm
4 years ago
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Loc Ngo


Hello Folks,

I have a charting question and would love some guidance and thoughts on this problem.  

I'm looking for a good way to allow users to select aggregate numbers for all datapoints, but also allow the granularity of looking at one at a time or comparing them to each other. See: , also attached.

If you've seen best practices or patterns being used for this case, please point me to it.  Much appreciated, thank you all!




14 Mar 2012 - 3:48pm
Jochen Wolters


here's a quick "maybe-this-could-work" design suggestion with two rough sketches.

  • While the user moves the mouse pointer over the graph, display a hovering box (like a tooltip) over the current data point and list the exact data for the measurements at that point.
  • When the user click-and-drags across the graph, select the data accordingly and display its aggregate in the column on the right.
By allowing to "lock down" a data range (via a padlock icon, e.g.), the user can compare several freely selected ranges with each other or against a single data point in the graph.
Depending on the specific data sets you will display, you should optimize the layout of the hoverbox and the aggregates. E.g., the latter may be easier to grasp if the data is presented in a table with the data set descriptions in columns, and the measurements in rows.

Also, it would probably be a good idea to hide the range highlights in the graph, lest they distract from the actual data. Instead, only display just one range highlight when the user moves the mouse pointer over the respective data block in the column on the right.

Please let me know if what I suggest makes any sense. ;)



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